6 Signs of Electrical Trouble in Your Home


Electrical trouble in your home is not only inconvenient, it can be dangerous. It could spark a house fire or cause an electrical shock. For electrical panel replacement Philadelphia, and indeed, for any but the most basic electrical repairs, you should hire a professional. Trying to handle a repair yourself for which you do not have the necessary knowledge and training is not worth the risk of a serious injury. Here are some signs that you have an issue that might require electrical repair.

1. Smoke

Smoke is almost always a sign of danger when it occurs in your home. Turn off any appliance that generates smoke. If you see it coming from an outlet or a baseboard, turn off the circuit breaker. You can try to identify the source of the smoke, but if there is a chance of a fire, leave the premises and call 911.

2. Heat

Just as your outlets shouldn’t be putting out smoke, they also should not be warm or hot to the touch. The same goes for light switches. Like smoke, this indicates a potentially serious problem in the wiring. Scorch marks around a switch or outlet are also signs of problems and, like smoke or heat, should be evaluated by an electrician.

3. Strange Noises

If you hear noises coming from outlets, such as buzzing, crackling, or sizzling, this is a sign of a serious problem that needs immediate action. Instead of unplugging the appliance, turn off electricity to the entire affected area of the house. As soon as possible thereafter, contact a licensed electrician.

4. Flickering Lights

When you run certain appliances, you might find that the overhead lights flicker or grow dim. This is a sign that your system may not be able to handle the demand. Either the wiring or your circuit breaker could be the source of the issue.

5. Constant Resets

You may find that your circuit breaker trips continually, forcing you to keep resetting it. This is not normal and suggests an overload of the circuits. You should have this checked out by an electrician as soon as you can.

6. Rodent Damage

In addition to putting you at risk for disease, a rodent infestation can also damage your electrical wiring. Rodents have an instinctual urge to chew, and they have a particular fondness for wiring. They often end up chewing off all the insulation from the wires, which can pose a fire risk.

Therefore, tooth marks, droppings, and rodent damage are indirect signs of possible electrical issues. Once the rodent problem is resolved, you should call an electrician to check for damage.