9 Ways To Help Your Employees Stay Fit And Healthy


Employees that work 9 to 5, 5 days a week tend to fall into unhealthy routines and habits. This can lead to unproductive days or worse, unhappy employees. As their employer, it is your responsibility to care for your worker’s health and well-being. While it can be difficult to start an in-house fitness program, here are some changes you can make to encourage employees to stay fit and healthy:

1 – Incentivised Weight Loss

A small change the company can make to encourage employees to go to the gym is to give them an incentive for their efforts. The employee who loses the most weight for a certain period can be a gift card or even an additional day off as a reward.

2 – In-Office Gym

One reason why people live sedentary lives is because they don’t have time to go to the gym after work. To solve this issue, why not create an in-office gym that is free for use to all employees?

3 – Offer Catered Healthy Meals

Hire a corporate catering virginia expert to plan healthy meals for your employees to enjoy at least once a week. These free and healthy meals is a nice refresher from all the fast food and quick meals they eat during the week.

4 – Healthier Cafeteria Options

If your office has its own cafeteria, why not offer healthier meal options. Your staff can work with the corporate catering Virginia company to plan out meals that have the health of your employees in mind. With healthier and greener meals available, employees will start to have a more balanced diet.

5 – Discounted Gym Memberships

Partner up with one of the local gyms in your area and offer your employees discounted membership options. A discount, even a small one can encourage employees to go to the gym, even if it’s just once a week.

6 – Host Active Team Building Events

Gather all your employees regularly and give them the chance to be active, as a team. Team-building events can be planned to be active and engaging so that everyone will not only enjoy but also get the exercise they need for the day.

7 – Offer Breaks And Longer-Lunch Hours

By allowing your employees to take breaks during the day and take more than 30 minutes for lunch, you are effectively reducing their stress. Workers who are less stressed at the office tend to live healthier lives within and outside of the workplace. Just this small change can make a big difference in their health.

8 – Support Their Efforts

When the company shows that they are supportive of the choice their employees make, their chances of succeeding are increased. Offer counseling from dieticians and even free nicotine patches to those who need it. It may seem insignificant, but the support the company provides can mean the world to your employees.

9 – Maintain A Clean And Sanitary Office

Invest in regular office cleaning to ensure that the space is sanitary. Clean offices reduce the chances of spreading viruses and bacteria from one worker to another. Keeping the office clean is in the best interest of everyone.

If you want to keep your workforce fit and healthy, corporate catering virginia can contribute a lot in achieving such goal. Contact us today at Saint Germain Catering and let’s discuss how we can help.