A Criminal Lawyer with a History for Defending People’s Rights


In Montreal’s legal landscape, criminal lawyer Steven Slimovitch is well regarded as one of the city’s foremost authorities in criminal law matters. With over 30 years of experience, his fluency is a testament to his work experience and forever continuing education. He has always been committed to providing accessible legal services to his diverse clientele.

A formidable figure in Montreal’s criminal law scene

Mr. Slimovitch’s legal career began with a B.A. In Canadian politics from McGill University and a law degree from the Université of Laval. This laid the foundations for a career marked by dedication and a deep understanding of both the Canadian and Quebec criminal justice systems.

After launching his practice in 1991, he quickly became an authority in the city regarding matters related to criminal law, frequently being called upon by news media to provide insight on one case or another.


His approach always remains the same in all the cases he is involved in. He is a customer-centric lawyer who believes in honest explanations, prompt responses and thorough case preparation. These are the norm. This commitment to individualized service and personalized legal strategies has often benefited his clients.

Mr. Slimovitch’s unique, person-centred approach focuses on his client’s specific criminal defence needs and situations, demonstrating empathy and dedication unmatched in his field.

An educator and a leader

Mr. Slimovitch’s expertise covers a broad spectrum of criminal law, including the Canadian Criminal Code and the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

His ability to demystify complex legal issues has made him a sought-after media personality, where he provides clear and insightful commentary on local criminal-related legal matters. This educator and opinion leader role further underscores his authority and knowledge within the legal community.

Tailored and effective legal advice

To reinforce his accessibility to those accused of criminal acts, Mr. Slimovitch offers a free initial consultation in English and French. This underscores his commitment to providing excellent legal defence to many people. He will always seek to understand and assess each client’s situation thoroughly. This gesture testifies to his interpersonal skills and his commitment to providing tailored and effective legal advice to each of his clients.

Moreover, although his firm is in Montreal’s famous Old Port, his expertise is not confined to only Montreal. He can represent clients throughout the province of Quebec and has also extended his services to other provinces, including New Brunswick, Ontario and Saskatchewan. This geographical flexibility underlines the popularity and demand for his particular legal expertise.

A dedication to all that is criminal law

His dedication to all that is criminal law, combined with his experience and bilingual legal skills, has enabled him not only to provide unrivalled legal representation to both Anglophone and Francophone Montrealers but also to shape the landscape of criminal law in Montreal.

Slimovitch’s approach, coupled with his insightful public commentary and geographic reach, underscores his unwavering commitment to justice and legal excellence, making him a leading figure in criminal defence and an essential contributor to Canadian jurisprudence.

This article delves into the illustrious career of Steven Slimovitch, a criminal lawyer based in Montreal with over 30 years of experience. Renowned for his bilingual proficiency and a person-centered approach, Slimovitch’s dedication to criminal law has significantly shaped the legal landscape in Canada.