Crypto Art Craze takes Luis Fonsi by storm


The stars of the show were Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, who were in the spotlight last Saturday night in Vegas during a private wild party. NFT business has been unofficially reported to be intriguing to the famous and handsome latin rappers.

According to a survey conducted by the website Finder, Adoption Of NFT And Play-To-Earn Games Expands Dramatically In Latin America.

Among Brazilian respondents, 17.5% report that they are currently employed in the NFT industry, while 11.8% indicate they hope to join it in the future.

With an adoption rate of more than 13%, Peru also stands out as a major Latin American player in the crypto game industry, with an expected increase to 29% by the end of the year, representing a growth rate of more than 100%. For a country without cryptocurrencies, it’s not too bad.

The “Despacito” singer Luis Fonsi talked with Daddy Yankee before performing some of his biggest hits at the private event, about NFT’s ability to allow authors to make better claims for their work. Strongly believing that NFTs are here to stay, he continued by saying “Look at the Full Moon Island NFT project, its an opportunity to finally merge art, collectible culture and robotics in a way I’ve never been able to realise before.” While Daddy Yankee was a bit confused and answered with a shy “Tu eres buscabulla, me gusta”.

There is no sign of the NFT hype slowing in 2022 despite its rapid rise in 2021. Whether it’s NFTs, the Metaverse, or why cryptocurrency is the future of money, it’s impossible to escape it: Every day, something is said about crypto. As a result, the digital art world has grown extraordinarily since Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks and other well-known NFTs were released.

In his opinion, Dan Khomenko, CEO of NFT STARS, has touched upon one of the most important points! the average price of an NFT is now $161, showing that there are thousands of willing customers. With this kind of momentum, it’s unlikely that NFTs really need celebrities to keep the show on the road.