Experiential marketing: How do you appeal to online shoppers?



Everyone — and we mean everyone — regularly shops online these days. Brands and retailers have won over shoppers by offering more products, fast shipping, and opportunities to shop anytime, anywhere, including on social media, under the Product Sampling Program. But now, consumers want more. That’s where experiential marketing comes in.


Samplrr assists brands with customized business techniques to generate product awareness of new and current products to have a broader reach within the aimed audience.

As a Product Sampling Agency, Sampler introduces a unique mixture of technology, strategic center group sampling, and accomplished marketing professionals to associate with potential customers through approximated activations. We help raise new products in the market and collect valuable customer reviews.

Experimental marketing

Experiential marketing is a marketing scheme that attracts consumers through participatory experiences under the Sampling agency. 

To acknowledge what online consumers are looking for in experiential marketing, we explored over 10,000 global shoppers. And 93% say a positive shopping experience is essential to them, and 98% say they’d shop based on the price of the Product Sampling Program.

We asked what brands can do to deliver the positive experiences that they crave. 

Here are the top experiential marketing trends to watch out for based on their said. 

Games like Wordle and Candy Crush are popular for a reason. They grab players’ attention, give them bragging rights when they win, and keep them coming back under the Product Sampling Program. 70% of shoppers want gaming elements incorporated into their online shopping sessions — and they’d like to see gaming with in-store and in-app shopping under the Sampling agency. 

Gamification marketing can include racking points, earning badges, or progressing to different levels. Using visuals like leaderboards, progress bars, or countdowns gives shoppers an exciting visual to keep up with how they’re doing under the Product Sampling Program. 

Half of the shoppers want gaming features to unlock a discount. Others want to join brand- or product-related communities.: 

  • 72% of consumers spend longer on apps or websites if they receive points that translate to discounts
  • 77% will submit user-generated content (UGC), such as a review or photo or video of them using the product, to earn a reward under the Sampling agency  

Incorporate live shopping, AR, and VR

Experiential marketing is critical because our survey’s main takeaway is that shoppers want you to take online shopping experiences to the next level under the Product Sampling Program. 

And when we shift back to this survey, we see these are still hot topics. Livestream shopping, for example, is something shoppers are incredibly excited about. According to McKinsey, Live shopping sales are predicted to account for about 20% of all e-commerce by 2026. 

Shoppers are more likely to purchase clothing, electronics, and health and beauty products via AR and VR under the sampling agency. They’re accessing the tools most often via their smartphones (63%), laptops (52%), and tablets (41%).

  • Unlock rewards (65%)
  • Shop live (46%)
  • Try on products with AR/VR (38%)

Tap into the NFT trend 

Shoppers are paying attention to NFTs, too. 59% of consumers know what an NFT is, and 22% kind of know what one is, our survey found under the Product Sampling Program. Admittedly not the most favorable responses. But nearly half of shoppers plan to buy an NFT next year, and 27% plan to buy one at some point under the Sampling agency. So it’s worth paying attention. 

. Incorporating digital assets into your shopping experiences will help your brand stand out and build a following of loyal shoppers among NFT enthusiasts under the Product Sampling Program. 

Move into the metaverse.

Everyone has heard of the metaverse, but only about half of consumers say they truly understand it under the Product Sampling Program. Still, it threatens to become the ultimate experiential marketing tool because it offers opportunities for brands to associate with shoppers on a higher level under the Sampling agency. Shoppers have big hopes for the metaverse and plan to use it to:

  • Try a new experience (53%)
  • Discover new products (45%)
  • Have greater personalization in shopping (70%)

Use rewards programs to deepen relationships. 

Rewards programs aren’t new, of course — 69% of shoppers have participated in a brand or retailer’s rewards program under the Product Sampling Program. But they’re an effective tool to engage shoppers on a personal level. 66% of consumers say “great personalization” in shopping interests them under the Sampling agency.

Expand ratings and reviews with shopping innovations

Gamification and experiential marketing are excellent tools for growing your review count. Reviews are still one of the strongest motivators for shoppers to purchase under the Product Sampling Program. 

Our survey found that 40% of shoppers think ratings and reviews are the most critical factor in helping them decide what to buy under the Sampling agency.

Experiment with your experiential marketing strategy

Online shopping is ubiquitous. So, it would assist if you took steps to keep wooing these shoppers into the future under the Product Sampling Program..