Grab The Finest ruger vaquero holsters


Searching for good quality holsters for your ruger vaquero at amazing prices? No need to go anywhere as with this article your search is over. If you have different types of revolvers then you would also need quality holsters to keep them safe and use them easily at times of need. Kirkpatrick Leather Company makes every type of leather holsters for gun lovers like you. You can easily visit their official website of to search for your favourite leather holster according to your gun model and get it delivered to your doorstep in just few days. Isn’t it just amazing?

When it comes to the varieties of ruger vaquero holsters that is offered by the company, you can find a great selection of popular holsters at amazing prices. Made by popular American leather and finest materials, all their holsters works perfectly to provide you a comfortable way of easily assessing your gun anytime. Concealable holsters are made so that your gun is placed at the right place and easily taken out without any difficulties. Every type of pistol holsters is available on the website in beautiful designs and attractive colours.

Varied options

If you want to have the perfect ruger vaquero holster at the most reasonable price, then the below listed options can help you out in easily deciding your favourite holster. The various options available on the website are as follows-

  1. Prospector series- The prospector rig, single as well as double is the straight successor of California’s pattern holsters that originated during Gold Rush of 1850. Its triple re-curve property allows instant access to the trigger and hammer of the firearm without any struggle. It comes in aesthetic floral patterns suited to old West. This series is one of best reproduction of ancient west by the company available for ruger vaquero and colt single actions. Comprising Single Prospector Rig, Handtooled Prospector, Prospector Gunbelt, Prospector- Model 1865, available at different prices.
  2. Santa Fe Series- The Mexican holster  double loop was earlier used by Mexican vaqueros in the mid to late 1800s. This series is the company’s answer to a number of requests for reproduction of original version of this rig. It has three inch wide belt with twenty four man made bullet loops, hammer tie downs and hand stamped border highlighting the key features of this hand made rig. It is available for ruger and colt single as well as double action revolvers. Comprising Santa Fe- Model 1860 and Santa Fe Cross Draw- Model 1860-2, available at different prices.

If you’re still confused about which one to choose, then you can also get a custom leather holster made by experienced professionals just for your handgun by simply giving a call to the website. Also, once ordered, your favourite holster will be delivered as soon as possible to your address without any difficulties. So, to have a safe method to conceal carry you dearest firearm, shop the best leather gun holsters from at the most reasonable price possible.