How Can an Unsafe Lane Change be a Cause of Wrongful Death


Traffic accidents are one of the most common causes of wrongful deaths. It is not uncommon for you to face a situation where drivers change lanes without checking whether there are any other cars in the lane. Not checking can cause a car accident in which there could be a lot of damages that could ruin your family financially and cause great grief. If you face such an accident, then you can contact a professional law agency like Krasney Law to recover your damages.

How Can Unsafe Lane Change Cause Car Accidents?

What is unsafe lane changing? An unsafe lane change can be as simple as a driver changing lanes without any signal or signaling after the lane change. There are occasions where a driver may have turned into the lane, and the following cars were forced to brake. They have to brake to make room for the vehicle changing lanes or to make a safe distance between vehicles. This can happen when drivers change lanes too quickly, or the road condition is poor, or maybe the car is not up to par. The main point is an unsafe lane change can cause a car accident that could result in a devastating aftermath, even death.

Preventing Unsafe Lane Changes

All car drivers need to check their rear-view mirror when driving. It will prevent them from missing any vehicles in their blindspot. Especially when they are changing lanes, it is a necessity to check whether there are any cars in their blindspot. Depending on road conditions such as heavy traffic, construction underway, rain, or snow, it could be very challenging to change lanes. That is why if you are driving any large vehicle, then you have to take appropriate measures to cover up all your blindspot with mirrors so that it could come in handy when you try to change lanes.

Examples of Unsafe Lane Changing That Results in Car Accidents

There are some traffic rules that you have to obey when you are driving a vehicle. If you do not follow those rules, then there’s a possibility that you will face danger. Here are some examples of unsafe lane changing that may result in a car accident:

  • You fail to signal before changing lanes
  • Changing lanes without checking for other cars
  • For a long time, you drive your car in the middle of two lanes

How to Avoid a Car Accident

It is good news that these kinds of accidents are very easy to prevent. You just have to know what makes it unsafe to change lanes and what it will take to make it safe to change:

  • Always use signals or blinkers to warn others
  • Change one lane at a time to reduce pressure
  • When changing lanes, do not speed up
  • Do not try to cut off other drivers
  • When there are solid lines that separate lanes, do not change the lane
  • Change when dashed lines separate the lanes
  • Do not change lanes at an intersection

These are very simple and easy-to-follow instructions. These are the traffic rules that you have to obey if you want to stay safe. If any driver follows these rules, they can prevent car accidents from happening when they change lanes.