How to check Demat account balance?


A Demat account is an electronic wallet for all the securities held by an investor. The movement of shares, that is, the buying and selling transactions, is well tracked with Demat accounts’ help. It functions like a bank account in terms of record-keeping and allows the account holder to access their account records and reports. A Demat account holder can view the balance shares, transaction history and Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) from anywhere anytime due to the centralised technology behind the working of a Demat account

In India, the shares acquired by an investor can hold with either of the two types of depositories’ account- NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited) and CDSL (Central Depository Services Limited). The shares received by these depositories go through the SEBI registered DPs (Depository Participant). So, to trade in the securities market, an investor must have a Demat and trading account with a DP. 

Once trading begins, it is essential to keep a consistent track of the transactions and the balance. For this, CAS is referred. The consolidated account statement is crucial for reading a Demat account history and current balances. The statement shows the holdings, free balance, locked in balance and pledge balance as well. It is a compiled document showing the list of all the transactions done so far, offering a summarised view of the total investments. You can access this statement from anywhere across all the Demat accounts irrespective of the broker as it takes NSDL and CDSL into account.

Accessing the Demat account Statement and Balance:

  1. On NSDL
  • Look for the NSDL CAS web page on the NSDL website login page
  • Click on NSDL E-CAS option from the top menu
  • Put in the PAN information, CAS ID and the Captcha and click on ‘submit’
  • If  the CAS ID is not known to the person, one can click on the ‘Know your CAS ID’ and enter the required information in the new pop-up box that is generated. You will get this ID after filling the information and submitting
  • Make use of the CAS IS and then click submit
  • A copy of CAS will be mailed to the registered email ID of the account holder
  1. On CDSL
  • Click on the CAS login on the CDSL website
  • Enter the PAN details
  • Enter the date of birth and BO ID
  • Verify the given Captcha
  • Enter the OTP, is sent to the registered phone number
  • Click on ‘Submit’

The CAS reveals personal details of the account holder, the folio number, fund names and options, dividend pay-outs, transaction summary and the NAV (Net asset value) in terms of the time of the investment. All this information is basically used for checking the accuracy, units and many other details that is related to the holdings in the Demat account. This statement can be accessed through an online portal directly, even without the participation or help of a DP. 

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