How to Invest In Cryptocurrency From India As A Beginner


Investing in crypto is still a dilemma for people as they are skeptical about “How to Invest” and “Which to Invest”. Today a bitcoin miner is frequently popping up. They keep on introducing new bitcoins through this process of mining. As there are already 400+ cryptocurrencies in the market.

Before trading in any bitcoin you need crypto info before investing in any cryptocurrencies. As there are  400+ coins, choosing appropriate crypto to invest in would be difficult. The information would help you to choose the right crypto as well as understanding the market trend so that you can invest in the right coins.

Well understanding marketing trends and having all the information is not adequate. You also need a crypto wallet that is legal and provides security so you can trade safely without any worries. One of the best and secure trading platforms in India is CoinSwitch as several features can help you trade in cryptos which are as follows:-

1. Simplistic User Interface:-

It is important to have a clutter-free interface that is easy to use. So even a beginner can start investing in this platform. Easy to use platform makes it easier for trading as well as easy for following marketing trends.

2. More Coins:-

CoinSwitch lets you trade or invests in more famous cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) as well it also lets you trade in more than 100+ coins. So more crypto’s to trade means more options to invest.

3. Instant Deposit and Withdrawals:-

Is it important for every investor to have instant deposits and withdrawals? As there are various other platforms which take 3 days for any kinds of transactions. So instant deposits and withdrawals will help you invest instantly as well as withdraw your profit instantly.

4. INR to Crypto Conversion:-

As you use any other platform for trading it converts the value of any coins into USD but that’s not the case with CoinSwitch as it converts the value of the cryptocurrency in INR. Hence it helps in terms of calculation of profit or the value of the cryptocurrency you have invested.

5. Best rate in Market:-

There are various trading platforms or apps that provide a higher market rate for any cryptocurrency. So when you buy a cryptocurrency then you pay higher than the market price. But CoinSwitch provides the best rate in the market so there is no need to pay a higher price in the market

6. Platform for Everyone:-

There are only a few platforms made for everyone. It may be a beginner or a professional investor that this platform is so simplistic yet advanced so that it fulfills their requirements of trading in the crypto market.

7. Quick Customer Support:-

There are various times when an investor faces some technical difficulties or some issues within the app but to solve your query customer support will help instantly and clear all your doubts.