How to Keep Your Office Space Safe During Covid-19

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Working from home has been the protocol since COVID-19 became a worldwide pandemic. As the vaccine is being rolled out and more people are coming back to the office, what should an office look like? If vaccination rates are high in your state like Utah, you may be returning back to the office sooner than expected. When you have employees return to the office, the office should not look the same. It is now your responsibility to make the workplace a safe and covid-free environment. Hand sanitizer and clorox wipes will help, but they are not the real answer. The only way to make your workplace safe again is through design.

The first thing that needs to change before employees return to the office is the office furniture. Certain fabrics on couches and chairs can actually increase the transmission of pathogens. This is because they are never washed and are high transmission surfaces. Some materials you simply cannot wash without ruining and tons of people utilize this furniture daily. Clients and employees need furniture when visiting the office. Try to find antimicrobial surface materials and cleanable fabrics for furniture. Before investing in a large purchase like this, consider finding an office design firm. A reputable office design firm will be knowledgeable on how to prevent spread of COVID-19 within an office environment.

The layout of your office needs to change. All desks should be 6 feet apart to maintain proper distance. If this is impossible, a good solution would be installing plexiglass between each desk. This way, coworkers can easily chat and collaborate on projects like they used to. Plexiglass protects everyone but it does not isolate them. It will still maintain an open office floor if that is your desired design.

Lastly, invest in a good cleaning company who has undergone COVID-19 sanitation training. Cleaning companies used to work to prevent dirt and dust from piling up in the office. Now, the cleaning company is sanitizing and cleaning to prevent the transmission of a deadly disease. You will want to hire a company you can trust will do a thorough job.

Changing the office furniture, changing the layout of the office and hiring a COVID-19 sanitation trained cleaning company will make your office a safe place. Employees will feel comfortable in their new environment which will increase productivity. To deal with these unprecedented times, hire an office design firm. An office design firm will be experts on how to keep your workplace safe while being stylish.

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