List of Jobs Offered by Temp Agencies Toronto


Temporary jobs are always an ideal way of learning and adding up new skills and experience in the portfolio. They do not only help job seekers to explore new dimensions but also make them flexible to work in any office environment. The best part is, temp jobs are available in all industries, meaning that individuals can always have a list of options according to their abilities and interests.

How does a temp employee work?

Temporary employees are entitled to fulfill contingent or part-time responsibilities. While they are intended to serve on short term basis, their limited periods can also help to win permanent positions in the same company. If employers are satisfied with their services, chances are high that they would consider to keep those employees. Sometimes, temp workers are hired to fill up positions during economic downturn.

What does a temp agency do?

Also referred to as a staffing or temp agency, their responsibility is to find and retain job seekers for short and long term jobs. Temp agencies Toronto usually deal in specific industries, businesses or professions like accounting, industrial labor, IT, healthcare or office administration.

Companies, looking for long or short term temp workers, knock at their doors in order to get the best employees for their respective projects. Temp agencies usually charge from companies while they pay remuneration to temporary workers. If anyone wants to dig into their purpose of existence, then click here and make the most of the information.

What Sort of Jobs They Offer?

Considering the fact that temp agencies Toronto are associated with companies of different fields, they always have a list of professional-managerial, healthcare, IT, industrial and administrative jobs available. Some of the common jobs are from:

  • Auditors and accountants: Have to handle financial operations of companies/businesses. For busy months of the year i.e. tax season, there are temp auditors or accountants out there. Their median hourly rates are over $30 per hour.
  • Computer system analyst: Also called system architects, these temp workers are responsible to maintain efficiency of computer systems. They can either work on short or long term projects and have a median pay of $40 or more per hour.
  • Customer service representative: They are responsible to stay in touch with clients and customers via online, phone or mail. They have to solve customer problems, process orders and answer questions. Their pay is more than $15 for an hour.
  • Data entry workers: They can work in almost every industry. Their job is to verify, input or update company’s data with the help of a software. Their hourly rates are $15 or more.
  • Repair and maintenance workers: They have to fix or maintain buildings, equipment and machines. Temporary workers are usually hired for specific projects and therefore, their pay starts from $18 per hour.
  • Management consultant: Also referred to as a management analyst, the person has to find ways to improve company’s efficiency. They are temporarily hired when the company is facing some problems. They charge $40 for an hour.

There are many more jobs that a job agency Toronto offers. Candidates just have to figure out what they are good at and how they want to utilize their skills.