Must-Have Facilities for Every Industrial Estate


Most of the investors or businessmen only consider location when it comes to choosing industrial estate to support their business expansion. But actually, facilities of the estate are not less important.

Do you think your factory is well-maintained enough? Or still think to relocate to a better site? Location is one of the main points to build your business. Bad location of your factory can affect the business. Proper infrastructure is not only the one thing you have to consider. There are other lists you have to concern about. Facilities. Does your factory located in a site with complete facilities?

If you are still not sure about this, go down to the checklist below.

1. Police Station

Criminals can happen anywhere and anytime. Be sure your factory is located near with the police station to guarantee the safety.

2. Fire Brigade

This is one of the most important things. Although each factories already build a well fire management, a fire brigade with more complete tools will be helpful if there is any incidents.

3. 24-hour Policlinic

Accidents can occur anytime in a factory. Of course, having your own policlinic inside the factory is very important. Even if you already have private policlinic, a 24-hour policlinic located near with the factory will be a big help.

4. Banks, Mall, and Other Commercial Facilities

Having banks, malls, and food courts near the factories can save time and energy in case you need them. It may help the business run well too.

Check again your industrial estate developer. Have they provide the above supporting facilities? If not, it may be the right time for you to relocate the business.