Popular Corporate Gift Choices


For hundreds of years, it has been a custom in the corporate world to reward valuable employees and trusted business partners with special gifts. These gifts range in style and price, and are meant to convey a sense of thanks for the achievements and successes both gift-giver and gift recipient share. Today, there is a dizzying array of corporate gifts, many of which can be customized to suit a particular occasion or personalized for a specific recipient. Choosing the right gift can be difficult, which is why we’ve put together a list of our most popular gift items. Here, you can gain inspiration for your next gift-giving endeavor, allowing you to select the perfect gift for those who mean so much to you and your business operations.

Choosing the Ideal Corporate Gift

Before we explore some of our most popular products, it can be useful to understand some of the particulars behind choosing the right gift for your employees, business partners, or executives. The first factor to consider is price; the higher the price, the more luxurious the gift. Corporate gifts have a very broad range in pricing. For executives reaching a career milestone such as retirement or a 20-year work anniversary, a more expensive gift is suitable. For such gifting initiatives like employee of the month, one doesn’t need to spend as much to say “thank you”.

Another factor to consider is the amount of personalization available. Many products can be branded with corporate logos, the recipient’s name, or a personal message. This additional level of customization carries your brand message and your thanks; choosing a gift that allows for personalization makes that gift a cherished item for the recipient. 

Popular Gift Items

All items are offered by Siegel’s Corporate Gifts whose extensive catalog can be found at http://www.promoplace.com/siegelsgifts/search 

Wifi Smart Plug and Alexa Speaker Kit – in today’s business world, we demand connectivity and efficiency at all times. To enhance the on-the-go nature of those who help build our successes, an electronic corporate gift is a great choice. This kit offers a smart plug and wireless Bluetooth-enabled speaker, both of which operate on home or office Wifi systems. It’s a perfect gift for technology-oriented recipients and could be the start of a “smart” home or office environment.

Ultimate Sport Bag II – many employees and managers place personal fitness at the forefront of their daily lifestyles, helping them to be invigorated and healthy on the job. A gym or workout bag, then, is a great gift choice. This stylish and functional sport bag features a large main compartment, zippered front and side pockets for organization, and a separate area for wet items. Available in a range of colors, this bag can be personalized with company logos and other branding options. 

Triumph® American Splendor Wall Calendar – a calendar is a useful item for any employee, helping them to manage their tasks on time throughout the year. For an easy executive gift, this calendar features stunning photographic scenes of America. Additionally, the wall calendar can also feature some attractive and easy acrylic painting of America’s beautiful scenarios. It offers an incredible level of personalization, including corporate logos and text, featured employees, and business contact information. For your employees or those you do business with, this calendar sends a message of thanks like few others can. 

Bic® Clic Stic® Ecolutions® Recycled Pens – pens are the lifeblood of many business operations. We use them constantly throughout the work day, and they are truly an indispensable part of any office environment. Speaking of environment, these pens are eco-friendly, featuring barrels and clickers made from 65% post-consumer recycled plastics. Help preserve the environment with a smooth-writing, stylish pen that can be branded with corporate logos and contact information if desired.

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