Right Organizations for the Payroll Services Now


The organization is one of the brakes of the development of the social mission in an accounting firm. The first level of a good organization is the arrival of a payroll file to the social service.A good organization of the arrival of the file pays to the social service will allow you to:

  • Build on a good foundation, know the specificities of the file
  • Ensure the serenity of employees when a new file arrives
  • Promptly warn the customer of any errors detected, corrections to be made and impacts
  • Notify situations on which you can no longer make corrections and risks in case of control
  • To inform a client who hires for the first time on your work practices, his obligations

The steps to properly organize the arrival of a file pay to the social service:

Do a recovery audit

The recovery audit consists, when a payroll file is processed either internally at the customer’s or by an external service provider, to take stock of the payroll practices and any anomalies to be corrected. It will prevent you from continuing non-compliant practices.  For the payroll services Gateshead the services are perfect now.

Break down the audit into two phases:

Upstream prior to file recovery: data collection and analysis, study of payroll regulations applied until then, inventory of pay practices, detection of possible anomalies;

In a period of about 3 months, which can be shorter depending on the size of the file and in the absence of “seasonality” of payroll: impact of any changes in practices, impact of settings?

In the exceptional case of a file recovery that does not allow an audit due to lack of time:

Ask the social service to provide you with a list of questions for each new file. Then, integrate this list in your process before the arrival of the file to the social service. The answers you provide to the social service will help the future case manager save time and identify the checks that must be done before the first payroll.

The recovery audit is a neglected step sometimes, for fear of “disturbing” the future client by asking him questions. Explain to your future client that it is a question of securing the practices and advising him on possible changes beneficial to his company. Ask a social worker to participate in the interview to get the first information on the complexity of the case and the organization to put in place.

List the documents to be received for the payroll file recovery

Ask your social service for a list of documents to receive for the recovery of a file. Save time with a standard list that you can present to each customer.

Make a schedule for the recovery of the payroll file

Determine a schedule with your social service. Ask your Payroll Manager how quickly he needs the information presented in items 1 and 2, before producing the first payroll.

For a file without payroll recovery during the year, you can choose general rules. For example: for the payrolls of a new file to be made in month M, the information and documents must be received before the 10th of the month M.