Smart Deals for Herbal Medicines


What if nature had the power to heal us? This question is at the heart of the new issue, which is being released today in newsstands, in partnership with France Info. There isthe opportunity to prepare the vacation first aid kit, natural version. You can now Save money on supplements with iHerb codes. There are options for the same now.

The Plats for You

We have been treating plants for over 2,000 years, without side effects, unlike chemical drugs, and their properties are widely demonstrated by more than a thousand international publications each year. The revival of interest in phytotherapy is such that the French Senate is thinking again of recognizing the profession of herbalist, banned since 1941 for the benefit of pharmacists. However, there is still a need to harmonize training and diplomas.

“Self-medication is possible”, assures the doctor of pharmacy, president of the French society of ethno-pharmacology, expert for Sense and Health and author Of the good use of the plants which look after, with the editions. But that with a condition, to use only the medicinal plants registered with the European pharmacopoeia. With iHerbクーポン you can have the best deals.

What to put in your summer pharmacopoeia?

  • A photo of plantain, to recognize this small plant found everywhere in nature and which helps relieve the stings of insects and nettles. Just crush the leaves and apply the juice to the bite. The effect is guaranteed. Plantain is also anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, and anti-bacterial.
  • A tube of arnica in the event of a fall for bruises or sprains.
  • Lavender essential oil for jellyfish burns. First clean the burn with sea water to remove the filaments and when the skin is dry, apply two drops of lavender essential oil diluted in 18 drops of vegetable oil, sweet almond or macadamia. This mixture has a soothing and healing action and also works for sunburn.
  • For diarrhea, the expert advises loosestrife, to buy in pharmacies in the form of capsules. It is a plant with purple flowers in spikes that grows in humid places.
  • For nausea, the reference plant is ginger, capsules or herbal teas. Cut the root into slices and let it steep in hot water for twelve minutes.
  • If it is very hot, opt for herbal tea with red vine leaves to relieve heavy legs.
  • And to take advantage of the holidays to sleep well and de-stress also known as the California poppy, to take in capsules or herbal teas half an hour before bedtime.

Preferably get supplies from pharmacies or herbalists for better plant efficiency, advises the expert, who also warns against fashionable miraculous plants sold on the Internet. Trust only major recognized laboratories, such as the option.