Taking Care of the Children is Not a Problem Now


In practice, facing a child who has aggressive actions, it must be stopped gently. During big anger, stay present, calm and calm without trying to reason the child during anger. Once the anger subsides, put words on his emotions, showing that we understand without approving (You were very angry, we understand, but even if we are angry, we do not bite, we do not throw), Then encourage (You will learn to do otherwise, we trust you, you will get there). The preschool management software can help you out there.

Adapt to their notion of space and time

The little ones up to 5 or 6 years old do not have the same notion of space and time at all. It’s a big source of conflict. It’s up to the adult to adapt. The child lives only in the present. He cannot understand if he is told hurry up, it’s time. To avoid the tragedies of the morning, we advise putting his alarm clock earlier to have more time and to be calm by helping the child to prepare.

To make the evening and bedtime better, come back early at night whenever possible, to take the time to cuddle your child and talk to him. Also, avoid projecting it into the future (next year, you will go to school, etc.) this anguishes him because he does not understand and does not know what it is. We talk too much to children as to adults. Up to 4 or 5 years old, they are in the game and fun, not at all in the homework.Specially for the after school care pick up you can have the best support now.

Put the soft pedal on school requirements

Filling and overloading your child’s schedule, especially on Wednesdays, is very stressful for him. He needs to do nothing, that is, to play as he likes, alone or with other children. School can also be stressful through the anxieties of parents or homework – legally prohibited in a primary. The evening study is also tiring for young children: they need to play long enough after school for their balance.

In fact, the more one stresses a child, the less he memorizes and learns, because the hippocampus, area of the brain associated with memory and learning, is very sensitive to tension. If on the contrary we encourage and support the child, it reinforces this area and improves learning!

Over-information, anxiety helping them cope with the stress of society

The youngest are fully exposed to emotions especially those conveyed by images and cannot afford to analyze them or step back. They do not make the difference between the real and the imaginary. What they see can terrify them, lead to anxiety attacks and nightmares. You can also make use of the childcare enrollment software. Until 5 or 6 years, violent images, televised news of the attacks and even scary stories (wolves, witches, monsters) are to be avoided, they create real prolonged stress the child really believes it because its structures brain (prefrontal cortex) are not yet mature enough to help calm or reason.