The Main Five Things Tenants Never Clean When Moving Out


In a landlord-tenant relationship, the parties are typically mentioned to as landlord and tenant. Indeed, a lease is a contract that makes those relationships as exists between a property owner and a tenant. The landlord and tenant relationship have its roots in the social system, a system of land use and possession that flourished in Europe between the tenth and thirteenth centuries. While all renters are hoping for a positive relationship with their landlord, there are some specific qualities in records for in a potential landlord. 

However, a tenant needs to have obligations to his or her previous property owner, the biggest of that is cleaning your empty apartment or rental unit. The landlord wants to hire out his empty unit as early as possible, therefore, you need to clean the apartment deeply before you are moving out. If you do not clean it properly, you may risk losing your security deposit.

Today we are going to describe cleaning landlord property after the tenant leaves the rental unit. It is an essential part of managing properties especially when you are doing tenant move out or tenant move in. When tenants move in a rental house, the condition that the owner gives them and the condition that they are supposed to give it back to the owner at the end of their tenancy. Every landlord can expect a sparkling clean apartment when tenants leave. Once the move-out date has been confirmed between the landlord and the tenant, it is time to conduct a walk-through review of the property to document any damage further as cleansing and general maintenance needs. This is additionally an important step in evaluating what portion (if not all) of the protection deposit is paid back to the tenant once they need to be vacated the property. There are five things that tenants never seem to remember such as to clean, and the landlord may even forget to check the following things: 

01. Baseboards Cleaning 

For some reason, people don’t seem to ever wipe a baseboard for the entire time that they live in a rental house. So when tenants leave, there is like this much grime on the baseboards.

02. Kitchen Space Cleaning

The lights which are almost always especially in the kitchen areas seem to have little paw prints of human handprints. They also have the same little problem that the baseboards do with a bit of layer of gunk on the top. So you are going to need to wipe those if your tenant has already moved out. And these kinds of things are what make your property feel clean.

03. Kitchen Cupboard and Cabinets

The tenants certainly forget to wipe the inside of the drawers and the cabinets down. So you want to make sure that every single cupboard and every single drawer has been wiped out. And the exterior of the cupboards has been wiped especially the handles. Sometimes when you are cooking, you got something on your hand, but you need a dish out of the closet. You pull it with your dirty hands and then never wipe it. 

04. Dining room

You need to check your dining about cleaning after the tenant moves out. Even a feather duster can take a lot of the dust off. They have to be wiped down one by one, and it is painful to do. You can always take it off and put it in the shower and then clean it in your shower if you want and then dry it and then hang it back up. Those things need to be addressed because that makes a house feel clean. And it will be attracted to your new tenants.

05. Corner side of the room

It is behind the fridge, underneath the stove or behind the stove. Moving those big appliances is tricky in some houses if they are not on wheels. So you want to make sure that vegan fat gets moved and it gets cleaned underneath before your next tenants move in. When you care for your property like this, you will attract great people who are going to bother as well. And when they move out, you can expect them to have it at the same level of cleanliness. It is a positive cycle if it is a little bit dirty then it will be probably a little bit dirtier when they move out, and it will just keep going down that road.

So hopefully that helps to let about your tenants and that thing you are going to be checking when they move out.