The Right Roads for Self Development


Only by separating the grain from the chaff, you can direct the forces in the right direction. Determine what is more important at this stage. What needs to be done now, and what can wait. Understand what you are striving for. Break a large target into several small ones. Slowly reach each of them. Without knowing yourself, your true desires, it is impossible to move forward, to develop. A better understanding of yourself helps keeping a diary, meditation. Take help from Coach Stockholm now for the best guidance.


Make it a rule to devote a weekend evening, summing up the results of the week. Praise yourself for success, deal with mistakes. Plan your upcoming week. Set yourself small goals and the same deadlines.

How to develop critical thinking?

Critical thinking refers to the ability to independently analyze information, to form your own opinion on its basis. An individual who is able to think critically in a state of calmly arguing his position, he respects the opinions of others, even if it does not coincide with his.

This type of thinking allows you to analyze the situation more fully, make independent decisions. People with an open type of thinking are more difficult to manipulate, to impose their views and values. To develop critical thinking, you must:


In other words, self-knowledge is the ability to look at oneself from the side, to analyze actions and feelings.


She will help to make decisions, analyze actions and situation. See the problem as a math problem. Take axioms as incontrovertible facts, logically reasoning, refute or confirm the arguments for or against. Consider the opposite point of view.

Check sources of information

After receiving the information, strive to find its confirmation in authoritative sources or in a practical way. Do not take on faith everything that you have read or heard.

Make lists or block diagrams of all possible scenarios. Visualization helps to quickly understand controversial issues, find a solution.

  • Try to get rid of fear, it makes it difficult to objectively look at the situation.
  • Follow the rule that there are 5 universal steps to solving a problem – preparing, studying the problem, identifying solutions, choosing one of them, evaluating the results.
  • The ability to look at a situation objectively, to make an objective opinion about it is an important stage on the path to self-improvement. Critical thinking is useful when solving business issues, social relationships.

High and low self-esteem

A person who has embarked on the path of self-development and self-improvement must be able to objectively evaluate himself. Normal self-esteem allows you to critically look at the situation, find weaknesses and strengthen them. There are people with low and high self-esteem as two sides of the same coin. They are united by fear of criticism, dependence on the opinions of others, envy.

Overstated self-esteem is characterized by:

  • Arrogant attitude towards others, manifested in isolation, detachment.
  • Such a person considers himself right. He imposes his point of view as the only possible one. He loves to teach, educate, and assert himself.
  • It is difficult for such an individual to ask for help, to apologize.

No matter how a person positions himself, it is important for him what others think about him, parents, neighbors, friends, colleagues. He needs to stay at a high level, not hit in the dirt with his face. This leads to the setting of overstated goals. If the result was not achieved, depression develops.