The Road To Breakeven Furthers For NASDAQ AERI


The Aeri pharmaceutical company, which trades with the tag of NASDAQ: AERI at, recently reported an annual loss of about 200 million.  That happened at a time when investors were expecting the company to announce a break even. But now that road to breakeven goes even further. For the time being, it is totally out of sight. Now the company will focus on minimizing losses in the coming quarters.

They have some very ambitious projects in the pipeline. So the investors need not be very disheartened from the latest developments. No industry is unaffected at the moment when the world is facing a scale it has never met in the last hundred years. So the situation calls for patience.

About the company

NASDAQ: AERI is a company that produces ophthalmic pharmaceutical solutions. They work on research and development, commercialization of these solutions. Their primary focus is on treat ophthalmic diseases like glaucoma, retinal problems, and other diseases like dry eye. There are working on some breakthrough projects, but it will take time before these projects come of age materialize into some success for Aeri pharmaceuticals.

The perception in the market

The outlook that experts and analysts are objecting is not very bad but is not good either. There is out and out a consensus among analysts that NASDAQ: AERIwas on the verge of breaking even. It still is, it’s just the latest setbacks that have delayed it.

Earlier it was expected that the company would break even this year only. But now it is at least delayed by two years. Even with the worst show, it can expect breakeven by 2023. The experts are not very pessimistic; they are estimating a growth percentage of as high as 64%. If the company performs below that, it will take more time to reach that magic number.


The naqdaq aeri has very experienced management at the top. That is the same management that has taken the company to a position where it’s approaching breakeven numbers. The experience of management should instill confidence in the potential shareholders.

One might think that these high growth numbers are very optimistic and do conform to the reason. But the pharmacy industry does not work like that. It all boils down to the kind the product they have for development; And of course, their stage of development as the Aeri pharmaceutical company stated in their forward-looking statements that they have some very ambitious products at the final stage development. So despite this bad show, prospects the company is good. You can check the latest stock news after hours market.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.