Tips To Move A Refrigerator


Moving a house is anything but easy; it involves a lot of preparations and undoubtedly takes a toll on mental as well as physical strength. And if this is not enough heavy items like refrigerators make it even more difficult to ease out the moving process, and because of this many people decide not to take such heavy item along. However, not everyone is the same and thus few of you may want to take it along.

If you are hiring professional local moving companies then you may not need to worry as they are trained in handling such bulky items and they will ensure that your refrigerator reaches its new place in the same condition as it was. But if you plan to ditch moving companies in order to save the additional expenses then you may have to worry a little as it can be really challenging to transport the same that too without any damage.

So for all such people who have already decided that they want to take up this difficult challenge, here is everything that you must know to make the process rather simpler.

Things that you may need to move a refrigerator

If you are thinking that you can do it all by yourself, then you are totally wrong. Moving such bulky items require meticulous preparations to ensure that there is no wear and tear. To start with, you may require a few things that can help you to move your refrigerator without any professional help:

  • Manpower, you may need to take help from one or two of your friends. If you are unable to get hands on your friends then you can always hire labors to help you out with the process.
  • Dolly, preferably with straps supporting the refrigerator
  • Furniture blankets
  • Rope
  • Working Gloves
  • Measuring tape

With these moving supplies, you can be sure of hassle-free and quick movement.

Preparations involved

You can’t just pack your fridge and start moving, you may need to do a lot of things before that.

  • Take out all the eatables and drinks from the fridge.
  • Disconnect the power supply from the refrigerator, in case you have a separate water dispenser in your fridge make sure to cut down the water supply.
  • Before packing fridge make sure to defrost the same.
  • Clean your fridge thoroughly to save yourself from the headache of doing it after moving to a new house.
  • Dismantle all the shelves, drawers and lids.

How to pack

Packing involves only three steps for secure and safe transition with help of Furniture Removals in New Zealand

  • Close the door of the refrigerator, wrap the same with furniture blanket and then tape the same to cover the places.
  • Now use the string or twine and use it to cover the handle to ensure that it won’t open during the transition.
  • Now fold up the electric cord, tie it with string and tape the same at the back of the refrigerator.

Once you have packed your fridge successfully, you can easily move the same with the help of moving dolly and other appliances. Once the fridge is placed on the dolly it won’t take much of your strength to move the same. Moving a fridge should be on high priority on your moving checklist, along with other appliances as it is large, fragile and complicated to pack.