Titan Double 2.5m (8ft2) Trade and Light Industrial Ladders Review


If you’re in the market for a safe, strong and durable ladder, be sure to take a serious look at Titan double 2.5m (8ft2) trade and light industrial ladders. Even if you’re not a tradesman like me, doesn’t it make sense to buy a ladder that comes so highly recommended? Such a ladder surely will help expedite those DIY tasks many people procrastinate about. Here’s some information about these reliable and affordable Titan products that I’d like to share with you.

About Titan Double 2.5m (8ft2) Trade and Light Industrial Ladders

Perhaps the most popular material from which ladders are made is aluminium. Aluminium ladders are exceptionally strong whilst maintaining a light weight. This means that even a large ladder is easy for a single person to move and position. Some people worry that an aluminium ladder might be slippery when used outdoors in wet weather. Whilst you should avoid doing this, know that most aluminium ladders have grooved treads or a non-slip material applied to the treads to help prevent slipping. Titan ladders are British made and have rungs with flat tops that are spaced a comfortable 250mm (10in) apart. These D-shaped rungs provide an extra measure of safety. Experts agree that this is the optimal rung placement for easy climbing. They also cite the D-shaped rung as being the most comfortable for standing.

Important Features of Titan 2.5m Ladders

When selecting a ladder, always be sure that it carries a kitemark designation. This means that the ladder is certified to conform to a broad set of British and European standards. Titan 2.5m ladders fully conform to the BS EN131 standard. Titan ladders also have specially designed articulated “SUPAGRIP” safety feet, a feature that helps to stabilise a ladder when using it in adverse weather or on uneven ground. The feet of the ladder swivel, so you’re assured of stable placement. If you’re buying your Titan ladder on the Internet, be sure to look for a seller who will fit the SUPAGRIP feet at no additional charge. Otherwise you may be charged as much as £30.00 extra. On the Internet, you’re quite likely to find stores that sell the ladder at a discounted price. Expect to pay an online price of about £75.00. The price should include VAT and free delivery.

Details and Specifications

Titan trade and light industrial ladders have a closed length of 2.5 metres (8 feet, 2 inches). They extend to a maximum length of 4.1 metres (13 feet, 2 inches). Each section of the ladder has nine rungs. The ladders are quite easy to handle because of their light weight, just 10kg (22lbs) and will handle a maximum load of 150kg (23.5st). Remember, though that the load rating includes both the weight of the person and the weight of any tools or materials being transported up or down the ladder.