Top seven mistakes to avoid when trading cheap options

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With the increased demand for stock options, investors must be aware of the risks of trading cheap options. Cheap options are typically sold at a lower price than other types of stocks; however, they also pose higher levels of risk due to their volatile nature and limited liquidity. When trading cheap options in Singapore, it is essential to be aware of the mistakes that traders should avoid to minimise losses and maximise their trading opportunities.

Not having proper knowledge

One of the biggest mistakes when trading cheap options in Singapore is not knowing how they work and what strategies to use. Before committing any capital to trades, you must understand all available tools and techniques. It includes researching different types of products and understanding their unique features, such as expiration dates, risks, and potential rewards. It is also essential to stay up-to-date on the latest news and market developments to ensure you have the best possible information before making trades.

Not having enough capital

Another mistake that should be avoided when trading cheap options in Singapore is insufficient capital, which means that traders should have sufficient funds to cover any losses incurred by lousy trades or market movements. It’s essential to start with a small amount of money and gradually increase your investment as you gain more experience and knowledge. 

Taking unnecessary risks

In addition to having adequate capital, investors mustn’t take unnecessary risks when trading cheap options in Singapore, which means only taking trades with a reasonable chance of success and understanding the risks associated with each trade. It’s also important to be aware of any potential news or events that could affect the markets and factor them into your decision-making process before executing a trade.

Not diversifying your portfolio

Another mistake to avoid when trading cheap options in Singapore is not diversifying your portfolio, which means investing in different options and products and different sectors or industries. Diversification helps reduce risk by spreading out investments across multiple assets, allowing investors to benefit from each asset’s performance without overexposing any particular option. Additionally, having a balanced mix of high-risk and low-risk trades can also potentially increase your bottom line over time.


Over-trading is another mistake to avoid when trading cheap options in Singapore. It involves buying too many options at once without adequately assessing the underlying asset and its movement over time. Too much exposure can lead to more significant losses than expected if the asset does not perform as anticipated, so keeping positions small and manageable while closely monitoring market trends is essential.

Failing to manage emotions

Managing one’s emotions with options trading in Singapore is essential, avoiding making trades based on emotion rather than logic. Fear and greed can easily cause investors to chase after losses or take excessive risks, which could lead to significant losses if not managed properly. It is advised for investors to keep their focus on the markets and make decisions objectively by considering all potential outcomes before taking any action.

Not having an exit plan

Having an exit plan is essential when trading cheap options in Singapore. It includes strategies to protect against losses, such as exiting trades at predetermined levels and setting stop-losses to limit downside risk. Additionally, it’s essential to understand when to exit a position and avoid hanging onto trades too long in hopes of recovering losses. An exit plan can help investors remain disciplined when trading cheap options and significantly reduce the chances of significant losses.

How can traders avoid these mistakes?

While these mistakes are common, traders must avoid them to ensure they trade successfully. There are several ways traders can avoid these mistakes and protect their investments.

Use a financial advisor

An experienced financial advisor can help traders make informed decisions while trading cheap options in Singapore. An advisor will provide helpful advice, such as diversifying portfolios and setting stop-losses, to ensure investors remain disciplined and limit potential losses.

Utilise research tools

Trading platforms offer a range of research tools that traders can use to analyse the markets before making any trades. Proper research on the asset, industry, and market conditions can help traders make informed decisions while minimising risks associated with each trade.

Set realistic expectations

Setting realistic goals when trading cheap options in Singapore is essential, which means understanding the amount of capital needed for trading and being aware of the risks associated with each trade before executing.