Website Spring Cleaning: 6 Tips To Update Your Online Presence


Have you carried out spring cleaning in your home? Many people love to clean out their homes, closets, and even the gutters around them. However, they tend to forget one of the essential parts of their lives that need cleaning – their business website. Even if the top Denver website design agency designs a top-quality website for you, it needs some cleaning every once in a while. Your business website makes money for you and requires maintenance to continue doing that. Spring is the perfect time to freshen up your website. While you’re cleaning out your closet, below are six tips for updating your online presence.

Start With WordPress

The first step to updating your website is to update your content management software. If the Denver website design agency designed your website on WordPress, you need to get it up to date. Like every other software, WordPress is continually making updates to ensure security and efficiency on the platforms. That’s not where the cleaning stops; you also need to check the plugins you are using and update them. Check out the links on your website to see if there are broken links to be removed or media deleted. It is not a good idea to do this yourself; a reputable agency like the Denver website design agency can get it done for you in no time at all.

Update Your Website Content

Your content represents your brand to the world; that’s why you need to keep updating it. Ensure your homepage is compelling and visitors can resonate with what you’re offering. If you’re not getting the type of conversion you’re looking for, then you need to update your content right away.

Clean up the Look

Sometimes when you’re spring cleaning, you tend to clean up the look of your home by adding a few updates here and there. Your website also needs its look updated; most people still use the same look since the website was designed. Remember, there are new trends constantly popping up, and your business needs to stay up to date. It’s recommended to change your website look every three years, and the Denver website design agency is equipped to get it done efficiently.

Update Your Blog or Add One if you Don’t Have a Blog

A blog is a necessity in your business website. It helps you keep the website fresh and new by providing fresh content. A blog also allows you to connect with your customers in many ways. Sometimes, they can double as a social media post for you. If you don’t have one, it is time to add a blog to your website. If you have one, you’re going to need to update its content.

Create a Newsletter Sign Up

An email list is quite vital because it is a great marketing resource. Suppose you don’t have one, create an easy and catch signup form for your email list on the website. Most time, visitors don’t become customers the first time they visit your site. Getting their email helps you develop a relationship with them and build trust.

Make Your Site Shareable

If you don’t have links to social media platforms on your website, it is time to get it done. You should also make sure you check it out regularly to confirm it still works. Also, ensure you input links that allow your readers to share the content to different social media platforms. This action not only helps with brand exposure but also increases web traffic.