What are the best ways of transporting a dog?


A lot of dog owners love them as their own kid, sometimes even more! As per a research 90% of pet owners consider their dogs and cats as their family member. So, when your family is relocating, then you need to give as much attention and time to your pet so that they have a good moving experience as the rest of the members of your family. Moving can be daunting and stressful for all, including dogs, especially if it is a long distance travel. Here are some of the best ways to transport your dog.

By your car

The easiest way to transit your dog is driving in your car as it will give you control in your own hands and make your companion relaxed in the known surrounding.

Choose a crash-rated crate for enhanced safety of your dog. But if your dog is not used to being in a crate, then train him for it from beforehand. Start making short trips with him so that he gets comfortable for the long ones.

Remember you and your dog are different. While you can drive without brakes for hours, your dog may need to stretch every 2-3 hours. If your trip involves an overnight stay, then choose a dog-friendly hotel.

Make sure you keep the medical records of your dog with you, in case of emergencies. But, if driving your dog in your vehicle isn’t a feasible option for you, then you should go for third-party alternatives.

Choose shipping companies

You have several ground shipping companies that render door-to-door service. Some offer group transport where your dog will travel with other pets while there are private transportation facilities too where your dog will be the only animal in the car or van. Choosing private transportation is costlier but it will give your pet comfort and help them reach the destination quickly as the vehicle doesn’t has to stop at several stops.

These services are cheaper and recommended for small distances. If you are looking for pet transportation service, then you can look at Shiply. It is a load board which allows you to mention your requisitions where truckers will bid for it. Once you choose the best bid, check out the services and facilities offered by the shipping company. Also, check their reviews and then finalize it for your dog transport. To learn more about it, check the website of Shiply!

It is better to enquire the pet shipping company for the major information. Find out how many stops will the vehicle make. Is it direct door to door service or will they make multiple stops. Confirm what and how they will feed your pet and if there is any special thing to tell them about your dog’s diet, then let them know.

In most stances, getting your pet transported by a shipping company is simple and hassle-free option. So, go for it and discuss your requirements with a reputed and reliable company now.