Whether carpets or flooring is better for an office


Nothing has more of an impact on the feel and look of your office like the flooring option. Commercial office space will need a certain feel and look that is a reflection of what takes place inside the building. Not only does flooring contribute to aesthetics, but it also plays a functional role by increasing the level of comfort. Here are some of the flooring options you have.

Carpet Floorings

Office carpets help to increase the comfort level in an office. It may be the visual look of the carpet or the warm-looking nature of office carpets that makes it feel cosy. Besides that, the actual padding under the cushion in the carpet could play a role in this since it is so much easier on feet. If you have decided to go with office carpets, you can visit Tretford to find out about the options you have.

One of the best places to install carpet flooring in offices is the cubicles. This is where most employees do their sitting and standing and where most of the shifts of chairs can cause damage to the vinyl. Besides that, high heels can also dent vinyl flooring.

Another place to install carpets in offices is where people stand for long periods. This includes aisles between the cubicles, conference areas, and training rooms. Besides that, you should consider installing carpets in areas with wood or tile flooring. Sturdy rugs will make it easier to walk while contributing to the aesthetics.

Concrete Flooring

This type of flooring is durable while also being easy to maintain. Concrete flooring is versatile and it can be decorated or improved on in various ways. Concrete is quite easy to stain or paint and you can come up with various patterns and textures for your office. You can always add rugs in various areas to improve aesthetics and complement the floor design. Once you have concrete flooring, you can always lay other types of flooring on it if you decide you want to switch things up.
However, concrete is not recommended if employees have to stand or walk for long periods. This prolonged exposure could lead to serious joint pain. Sometimes, it is a good idea to lay ergonomic padding over areas, which require long-term walking or standing.

Vinyl Flooring

This is a durable and economical option for flooring. Vinyl floors are designed to handle heavy loads and traffic. The flooring is easy to install and maintenance is minimal. It is also quite comfortable to walk on. There are various design options and colours so you should not have a hard time finding the right vinyl flooring for your house.

Environmentally Friendly Options

Cork and bamboo are a great option for office flooring. Both of them are biodegradable and they contain additives or chemicals. Besides that, bamboo is stain-resistant and quite durable compared to other varieties of hardwood floors. Cork is also a nice alternative and it is naturally microbial. It provides great insulation and cushioning. These flooring options may be a bit more costly depending on the square footage you will cover.