Why Custom CRM Software Is Better For Your Business


This is a program whose features allow the user to organize their relationship with potential prospects. Choosing your CRM can take you into a pit, which is why we decided to highlight the five best free CRM tools.

Owning a custom crm software adapted to its sector is a real asset for a company. It saves time and a way to stand out from the competition. Administrative management is lightened, and this facilitates and improves customer contacts. There is a need to have a computer scientist on-site or to have computer skills! Of companies specializing in software design are responsible for the creation, in VBA or other of the implementation, monitoring, and maintenance of the software.

Manage The Administrative

IT tools exist to facilitate the day-to-day administration of the company manager with the possibility of managing all the documents by computer:

  • billing,
  • accountability,
  • the quotations,
  • inventory
  • the client file
  • planning management.

Specialized companies offer generalist, more personalized software solutions adapted to the needs of the company. Sectors such as clothing, fitness centers, garages, luxury hotels require special features such as the use of specific modules for:

  • the management of bar codes,
  • label printing,
  • storage of customer information,
  • subscriptions,
  • auto parts,
  • sales statistics.
  • Easy customer contacts

Exchanges with customers, sometimes large for some companies, are one of the advantages that specialized software can bring. A privileged relationship and a strict follow-up with its members or regular customers are often a guarantee of success for companies.

The specialized software allows producing mailings by letters but also by e-mails to remind for example the dates of maintenance of a vehicle, the schedule of management of the cleaning women, the renewal to courses of sport, an appointment, promotions.

It is also possible to create membership cards or advertising objects such as scanned keyrings for example. In the field of computer software, anything is possible.

From a tiny company to a large SME, there is an open-source, and often free CRM software that suits you and that will accompany you in the development of your commercial activity.

These solutions are free most of the time because the license associated with them allows use without paying a fee. Be careful though; some involve for professional use the payment of a subscription. The latter includes support and sometimes gives access to additional features.

Whenever possible to use the services of a professional like Open-DSI for their implementation and to guarantee support in case of malfunction. In the absence of support, you will have to turn to community forums to try to find help on your own. When your business begins to acquire a large customer base, you have to automate specific tasks and manage from the computer software. To identify the right prospects, you have to focus on the opportunities, so to manage your business relationships. A useful prospecting tool must allow salespeople to act effectively, to move the customer along the way. This is why SMEs and small businesses need to choose their CRM tool according to their criteria.