Wood Veneer Furniture for Your Office


Wood veneer and laminate are the most popular finishes for office furniture, and with good reasoning. Both are durable, stylish, and, most importantly, functional. Wood veneer scores extremely well in the style department and is only second to real timber when looking to make a design statement. Over Engineered Parquet Flooring, and you can be sure of that standout office or house. But unfortunately, there are downsides to these sheets, so we’ll discuss a few things to think about before purchasing wood veneer furniture.

It’s Can Be Pricey

The number one cause that prevents people from buying wood veneer furniture is cost. Although it is an affordable option than solid timber furniture, it is more expensive than the most common finish for office furniture, laminate. It has a high price tag because it is made from real timber, which explains why it looks so impressive. The question you may have to ask is the price tag worth it? A compromise if you have your heart set on wood veneer furniture is, using it only in high profile areas such as executive offices, reception areas, or boardrooms.

Can Be Easy To Damage

Because it is made of natural resources, wood veneer is prone to gouging and scratching, bringing a weathered or worn look. Unlike the solid timber option, which you can sand away scratches, these surfaces are too thin to sand. Water damage can also be an issue due to timber’s porous nature, soaking up moisture, spills will need to be cleaned quickly to avoid any staining. To help prevent some of these negative characteristics, consider investing in more quality options. High-quality options are more resilient than their cheaper counterparts due to medium-density fibreboard or plywood.

Maintenance Will Be Needed

Because the outermost layer is timber, the wood veneer will need maintenance. Not as much as solid timber, but more so than any laminate. It is wise to prevent any damage by using special oils and protective sealants. Get these quality Priory Polishes at reliable online stores without leaving your home. It is also vital to avoid exposure to extreme temperatures changes and humidity, causing the timber to expand and contract. These temperature changes can cause layers to separate and crack. Prevention can be handled with regular maintenance scheduled and climate control capabilities.

Buying office decor is always a balancing act between budgeting and buying what you want. At the end of it all, if your priority is aesthetics over price and some maintenance, the decision is a no brainer. The wood veneer option is the way to go, and they are sure to turn some heads.

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