Best Ways to Grow Your Followers Count on Instagram in 2020


Doing business implies you wish to promote your company reach, regardless of its stage, ensure the strategy to get Instagram followers is more. Do not consider any shortcut to get followers. These do not work, instead, they may damage your business.

There is a need for real followers to bring the actual count on Instagram. To get more followers in 2020, there is a need to rise above, as the competition is fierce. Some strategies can assist in building an engaged Instagram. Fueling Instagram can take the brand to incredible heights and enjoy social-driven growth.

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A few more reasons to have Instagram followers:

  • Story ads and feed offer the ability to target larger audiences.
  • Followers amplify profile by sharing content with a network.
  • Instagram permits selling directly by tagging posts promoting Instagram shopping.
  • Instagram’s visual nature allows connecting potential customers.

There are many approaches to grow your followers count on Instagram in 2020, however, these ideas may ensure positive growth results.

Identify Your Target Audience

Starting or expanding, identifying your potential audience is a must. Instagram provides useful information offering insights. Their analytics tool teaches people to learn more. To find potential new followers you may narrow down the numbers as per their demographics featuring identical characteristics. Thus, you need not use your time behind people who do not find your product appealing. Defining the audience means you can have the content types that prompts to engage.

Create Engaging, Fun content

Users always love captivating pictures as Instagram focuses mainly on visual pictures. Grabbing attention as one scroll is possible only when the image and its captions compels to take a pause. Getting a close-up image means showcasing the exclusivity of the image such that it connects with your followers directly and the caption should be personalized information.  If it is educating your followers, it will be like storytelling and will have a greater approach to increase your follower’s numbers.

 Use High-Quality Images 

There is a need for high-quality images. Instagram is all about visual content and enticing potential followers means your post should be outstanding. The image lines must be crisp and the colors should pop out. Quality is a must to post on Instagram. You can use tools and filters such as Boomerang or Layout to create images that bring out your brand appeal. You can count more followers if your image is attention-grabbing.

Include the Right Hashtags

Instagram content can be exclusive with the right hashtags. Using hashtags, you can aim at particular keywords and make the content increase your reach. You are allowed per post to use 30 hashtags, but it is enough if you understand the hashtags that your competitors and customers use. Understand the best hashtags in use and make sense. Ensure a specific interest group and target.

Use Instagram Ads

Instagram allows creating story ads and feeds to promote profiles. Create campaigns increasing your brand awareness, broadens your reach, and promote posts. Target the right audience and increase the possibilities of finding more followers.

Write Captions Highlighting Product Value

Captions provide context for your images and this space offers value to your followers. These are giveaways to increase engagement and to get more followers. Use it in your post to tag profile and ensure it appears in the feed to reach potential followers easily.

Figure Out When to Post

Knowing the right time to post your images or content is a must. The right time to post is based on the audience. Test the timing on Instagram Insights and find out the right time suitable for your target audience. Instagram contents include stories and during peak hours bring in followers. Think about the time having an impact to engage with your audience. In case there is an encouraging comment or some promoting running, ensure to reply to the audience’s questions. Your response will bring in many followers count on Instagram.

Join Your Audience Conversation  

Instagram and social interaction go hand-in-hand. More the users share the content, the more relationships are certain to foster. Potential followers learn to choose to become followers of any account. As you can imagine, these are all crucial components of a successful social media content strategy. Directly chatting is helpful to grow your follower’s numbers and it reveals your personality. This allows feeling more human and helps in building trust.

Use Story Highlights

Higher engagement is the aim of Instagram stories. With regular posts, it is possible to get an increase in the count. Thus, you can create longer narratives and provide timely updates. Keep the story highlights pinned, so that users can view them. Keep the story highlights engaging so that users become followers.

Highlighting the brand and your products is a must and when it is done with stories, it provides valuable information. Do not miss the opportunity to speak directly and stay focused on introducing your brand. Keep it precise with simple statements. In this way, you can demonstrate your Instagram account value and promote followers.