Changing Landscape of Skill Based Game (Rummy) In India


Playing cards is one of the most engaging indoor games in the world and in India especially it’s very popular as whenever family and friends gather for any event of celebrations then often rummy is the game that is played and that too with real money being involved. We Indians are generally very good at card-based games like Rummy and this popularity has eventually caused the rise of online card game platforms which offer Rummy to be played online and that too with real money. Skilled players can even win thousands by playing Rummy online. Let’s see how and why Rummy has been so popular in India.

Why we Indians love Rummy

As we just said how Indians together love to play rummy weather its Holi, Diwali, marriage, or New Year. It’s a favorite time pass game here and so many peoples are greatly skilled in this game. Due to such great potential in Rummy and due to people’s interest internet gaming companies though to capitalize this by introducing online Rummy games and tap the billion-dollar market opportunity. Today there are so many online rummy platforms and Indians are playing rummy in most of them. The reason why Internet gaming has gained popularity is because of the availability of the internet which has reached to more and more Indians in the last two to three years by manifolds.

How to Start playing online skill-based games

The skillset is the second most important factor, in a country like ours, so many of us are good at any of the card game and mostly rummy game. Now those who want to play it could not find a company to do so can easily go to these online rummy platforms get them registered with nominal fees and start to play. One does not need families or relatives to accompany them here. You just join the board and start playing irrespective of the number of joiners of the game as the online platform itself facilitates everything. One needs to have good skill and knowledge of the game as well as an understanding of the situation or game awareness and you will not be disappointed as one can bet and win cash prize as well.

Are these platforms safe?

These online rummy platforms are completely legal and playing using real money is not a reason to be concerned here as everything is completely legal. While you register yourself, you are also asked for government ID card so that the system can verify details and all your earnings and spends will be managed through a wallet provided by the gaming platform, which is maintained by them, and your money is absolutely safe there.


All of this has changed how we Indians play these skill-based games now which earlier used to be played only between friends or family members, but now with the revolution in internet gaming, most of the people are instead playing these games like Rummy on online platforms. Skill level also increases in these cases as you play unknown people who in many cases are pro-level players thus challenging your skills and abilities.