Getting Things Done With Facebook Messenger Business Models


Today’s way of doing business is much different than it was before. The internet completely took over the marketing and now every serious company must adjust to this new way of doing things.

Everyone knows how things work when a customer enters the store. The employee offers their help and if it is needed, they’ll talk to the visitor and tell them everything they want to know about a certain product. See how stores function in reality on this link.

As lots of the trade is now happening online, this method must be somehow transferred to the pages where the business owners sell their products. Every page that sells products now has the chance to inform the potential buyers about what they want to know.

However, this system of explaining can often be highly confusing for the customers. They need a more simple explanation. That job is given to the employees from the IT sector who will communicate with the clients through programs.

A problem arises when employees simply can’t do the job fast and accurate enough. For this, people invented computer bots who are being installed on the page and they do the job a person who’s ready to answer all the questions to those who are interested in something.

What bot is the best?

There’s no best, there’s only a preference of what you need and what you expect the bot to do. Knowing that the person needs to log in somehow on the chat screen, it’s best if you provide them with the ability to do this with Facebook.

This social network has a special app called messenger which allows people to communicate with each other. Using this, it’s best to allow visitors to log in with it. This is both the simplest solution and the most useful.

A lot of options are available when you log in with Facebook. As you can see on, there are so many options and different kinds of bots available. Some are suitable for one type of businesses and others are better for a different type.

What should I choose?

From the basic types who are only there to greet visitors up to the AI bots who can learn, there everything for everyone. Depending on what you sell and what needs you have, that’s how you should choose the complexity.

If you have everything placed on the front page, and there’s no need for additional information, the program can be made just to say hello and make the sale. As you move up with the complexity of the web site, the program for communication can become more diversified.

Along with asking questions themselves and answering some of those from the clients, the bots can be programmed to play games with the visitors and entertain. However, the main priority is to give directions and help people with the needs they have.

Marketing and UX professionals have done everything in their power to find out what are the most commonly asked questions on chat boxes like these. They found out that these questions are being asked by over 80% of people. If the visitor wants to know something else, the bot can quickly switch from computer mode to live support.

The live support is inevitable in cases like this. However, with the help of the program, there’s no need for a whole team of people working on the issue. On top of this, the bots are capable to answer instantaneously. Unlike live support that needs to read, understand, think of an answer and type it in the box.

One of the things the people annoy the most on the internet is when they have to wait for a response. If you have a page with lots of visitors at one point and too few employees in the support center, you’ll face a problem of customers waiting for someone to give them an answer.

The bots won’t give you this problem. The same moment someone asks anything they’ll receive the answer. Only when there’s something more problematic, they’ll turn to the live support.

What are the other benefits?

Another excellent acquirement is the fact that for people to log in the chat, they need to use the messenger. When they do this, they instantly provide your company with their credentials. You get an e-mail, name, telephone, and lots of other useful information that can be processed later for the needs of the marketing team. See how this can be used for content marketing on the link: 

These benefits are very important because nothing on the internet today is based on one-time information. You need to fight for new customers all the time. When a new product or a better version of something gets launched on the market, people need to know about it.

In an era when everyone is bombarded with information, it’s very difficult to keep track of everything. You have to present them with this information as soon as possible. Having their addresses is highly important for conducting the marketing strategy.


Installing chatbots are the best way to build your messenger business model. With this feature, you get to receive so much information, provide answers for your clients, and the web site that sells something will provide immediate support for every visitor that comes to it.

This is a trending idea that everyone serious about their online store should implement it. If you open some of the biggest corporations in the world, you’ll see that they have some of the most sophisticated programs there is.

If you find yourself in this category, you probably must do this right away and keep track of everyone else around you. If your business is not huge but you still depend on selling products over the internet, you should find the best choice for you which doesn’t have to be a state of the art script, but it should still be something that will be able to communicate with people who needs some kind of help.