How to Find the Perfect Property to Rent in London


London is a great place to live. There is so much in terms of culture, recreation, work opportunities and history. Creativity and ideas flow through the city, this is the pinnacle of forward-thinking, the place where modern practices are developed. There’s always something to do, whether you want to go out for something delicious to eat, soak up some history or culture at a museum or gallery or take a stroll around any of the magnificent parks. This amazing city is home to neighbourhoods that offer differing lifestyles and there are some fantastic properties available to rent. You do need to act decisively though because properties can go quickly. Read our guide to finding the perfect property so that you know exactly what to look for and have the confidence to act fast when you find the perfect property.

Think about location

London is a big place. It is easy to travel around thanks to great public transport but often, it does pay to be near to where you will live most of your life. Think about where you work, study or play and try and find a property near to there. Spend some time thinking about where you will spend most of your days and then decide on areas that make for an easy commute. You might, for instance, wat to be on the near an underground station with easy access to the line you will use to get to work or you might wish to be able to catch a bus that goes directly to where you need to be. Transport for London makes it easy to plan routes, have a play around and find neighbourhoods that work for you.


Each neighbourhood in London has a different character and so often, choosing where to live is about thinking about where you feel happiest. Would you, for instance, be happiest living in a trendy area full of bars and restaurants or perhaps in a quieter leafy area? One of the really great things about living in London is that you can live a completely different life in different pockets of the city. A property to rent in Chelsea, for instance, would offer you a totally different experience to a property in Camden (Chelsea Properties). Before you start to look for your new property, think about what you want out of life right now and try and choose the area accordingly. Things might change for you in the future but in London, it’s easy to move when the time is right. Find an area that matches up with what you want out of life right now.

Building Type

London is home to so many different types of buildings. You can find regal Georgian, Edwardian or even Victorian buildings that have a real sense of history and beauty about them. You can also find sleek, modern apartments that have every modern convenience that you can dream of. Knowing what type of building you would like to live in can really help narrow down your search when you are hunting for somewhere to live. Assess the pros and cons of each type of housing, both old and new to try and decide which one is right for you.

Do you need furnishings?

Deciding whether you need a fully furnished property, or you can actually afford to furnish the property yourself could also help you narrow down your choices when looking for somewhere new to live. Take a look at what you have, do you have what you need or the budget to buy new items to complete your new home or will you need somewhere that you can move straight into. Whether you are looking for a property to rent in Chelsea or Marleybone, you will find properties available with or without furnishings.

Choosing a new property in London is incredibly exciting but you really can’t afford to play around. Who knows what perfect properties could be snapped up in the time it takes for you to make your decisions? Sit down and think about everything that you want so that you can instantly narrow down your search and avoid wasting time on properties that don’t provide what you need. That way you can find properties that match your criteria quicker and can pounce on them before someone else does.