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Not all supply-chain providers play at the same level. Some enter the industry without doing their due diligence; others step into it armed with a sweeping knowledge base. They also come with a mindset to innovate and embrace technology to help their clients succeed.

Joower, a leading logistics solutions and third-party party shipping company, has elevated the industry to a new standard, essentially penning a new book. The company also comes up with revolutionary solutions for logistics issues.

Why partner with Joower

We began building our operation from the foundation, tossing out old systems on handling logistics problems. And we have come up with answers and created new approaches.

At Joower, we also make it cost-effective for our clients to partner with us. We have set up affordable service plans, including plans for business owners with a minimal budget. And for clients with unique issues and need other services, we offer them those options.

But Great Quality Services, the legal owner of does not stop there. Clients seeking tailor-made logistics solutions or can’t make up their minds about the options available can call Joower for help.

Our customer service is among the best. We know that because our clients afford us very high satisfaction ratings. We train our service representatives. We hire them because they care about people and want customers to walk away satisfied with our performance.

But we are not complacent. We continue to seek ways to make more improvements. We have put processes and procedures in place and monitor and analyze them to eliminate inefficient operations and ensure your success.

We are in partnership with you. Joower’s success is intertwined with our clients. If we don’t succeed in giving our clients what they need, we suffer.

Ensuring your success

We don’t care if you are new to the business world or have a long history in retail, we can help to improve your financial ledger. We will come up with the solutions that will hurdle you over any obstacles.

“Our goal is to make running your company easier, less stressful and more profitable,” Joower says on its website at “You may not even think you need our services, but we guarantee that once you give us a try, you’ll be very pleased and glad you did so.”

Here are some of the ways Joower ensures your success:

  • We base our decisions and actions on how they might affect our customers, both positive and negative. If we conclude that the impact will be negative, we abandon that idea and keep working to find those that pay off
  • We scrutinize new hires and take them through a comprehensive application and interview process before we put them on the payroll
  • We cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with our carriers
  • We are flexible. We give our clients room to grow, adjust almost every process or service to get the most out of their services
  • We pass along any discounts we realize from our carriers to our customers to get the very best rates.