Mistakes that you should avoid after a car accident


After a car accident, you often feel overwhelmed by the series of events happening at the accident spot, so there is a high probability that you may make a mistake for which you have to pay later. After an accident, you should call 911 to get help from police and doctors and contact your Tucson auto accident attorney to receive legal assistance. Until your lawyer comes to the accident spot to guide you, you should make sure that you do not make any silly mistake that may make the situation more troublesome. In this post, you will read about the mistakes you should avoid after a car accident.

Don’t be uncooperative with the police and emergency responders.

After a car accident, make sure you don’t lose your cool because if you get into an argument with the other driver, it will worsen the situation. Also, cooperate with the police and the emergency responders. Give answers to their questions patiently, and don’t utter anything that can make you land in a problem.

Do not decline medical help.

Call 911 to get medical help and let the doctor thoroughly examine you because sometimes you feel the pain after 24 hours of injury, so don’t take any damage lightly. A thorough examination is required for your medical claim as well, so it will help you.

Do not ignore the accident spot.

Document the accident spot by taking pictures of the accident site, damaged vehicles, and your injuries. All of this will help your lawyer to build a strong case and get compensation.

Don’t forget to ask for the contact information.

Ask the other driver about his contact information, driving license, and insurance details and while doing this, make sure you are polite with your words and actions.

Do not delay contacting your insurance company.

Once your lawyer has come to the accident spot, contact your insurance agent within 24 hours. Make sure you don’t utter anything that makes you appear as a culprit, and don’t downplay your vehicle damage and your injuries.

Do not accept quick insurance payments.

Do not accept settlement offers because doing so means you will have to sign a statement that will restrict you from getting any further compensation. Sign it only if your lawyer advises you to do so.


It is pretty difficult to remain relaxed after an accident, but the calmer you are at that time, the better decisions you will make for yourself.