OSHA Required Training Certification Checklist


OSHA Trainings


OSHA is short for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It is a company started during Nixon’s presidency thats main goal is making sure that all workplaces are healthy, sanitary and provide the necessities needed for every job.

They are in charge of setting and enforcing standards of working conditions to ensure that all workers in the United States are working in a healthy, safe environment.

Along with enforcing standards, they are also in charge of inspections as well as training. Companies cannot ensure that their employees are following OSHA standards if they do not know what they are.

OSHA employees will come into your workplace and conduct trainings with you and your employees to ensure a healthy, safe environment.

What Kinds of Occupations Does OSHA work with?

When you hear OSHA, most people think environments of high risk such as construction or oilfield. However, OSHA works with basically any industry.

From small corporations that the only risk you have is injuring your back lifting boxes, all the way to the industries where you risk your life every day. OSHA has training options from how to construct MSDS, how to safely use power tools and other equipment and how to ensure that you have all the legally necessary workplace requirements such as a bathroom.

So whether your company is as risky as oilfield or as safe as Wal-Mart, OSHA can help ensure you are following the legal standards and avoiding fines.

What Types of Trainings Does OSHA Offer?

OSHA has thousands of trainings that you can utilize to fit your companies need. They even have trainings on how to do OSHA trainings! They utilize a mix of online and in person training. The offer OSHA courses in Houston or anywhere in the United States to help you or your company. Their website also offers information on what kind of training you need to be doing to be sure that you are in compliance. Most hazardous workplaces require OSHA level trainings to ensure that your employees are utilizing safe working practices. Also, OSHA will evaluate and help you train on safe working hours, safe working practices and risk management. OSHA offers a plethora of training for any work environment.

The Two Main Trainings Offered in Houston

Most work environments that are considered ‘hazardous’ include a forklift. Fork lift training is required by anyone using a forklift in a corporate environment.

Forklifts are super dangerous to operate and anyone operating one needs to have the proper knowledge. This is why forklift training is one of the most common OSHA courses Houston, Texas and all over the United States.

The other very common OSHA training is first aid. Knowing first aid can help you in every aspect of your life.

Did you know if someone gets their tooth knocked out, your supposed to store it in cold milk during transportation to the doctor? Bet you didn’t but you would know that if you had taken OSHA first aid training!


OSHA reaches a spectrum of companies from the simple to the most hazardous. By offering many different types of trainings and performing routine inspections they can ensure that any corporate environment is safe and healthy for all of the employees.

Check out OSHAs website to see what they can help you and your company with! The United States has many laws and regulations to ensure the safety of there workers. You can thank President Nixon for the creation of OSHA.