Setting up realistic expectations in the trading business 


Forex trading is attracting thousands of retail traders. People are joining the trading industry just to make their life much better. In traditional business, you have to invest a big amount of money to ensure decent returns. The competition is so high that even after having a big investment, it’s tough to survive as a newcomer. Compared to this, trading is much easier and the brokers in Singapore are also making your life much easier. They are providing leverage to retail traders so that they can trade with a small amount of money. But this leverage can be very lethal unless you know the proper way to manage the risk factors.

Success is the result of hard work. To become a successful trader, you should have the ability to set realistic expectations. Trading like a gambler is going to cost your trading capital. So, read this article carefully if you want to pursue your career in the investment business.

Skills and knowledge

Before you start setting up the goals at trading, you have to know about your skills and knowledge. In most cases, the traders can’t deal with the complicated price movement. Due to their lack of knowledge, they end up placing random trades and eventually lose a big portion of their capital. So, it’s obvious that without having strong skills in this market, no one can become a successful trader. The learning procedure might become a big challenge as you will face many new terms. Calm your mind and start from the basics. Find a good mentor who can show you the path. If you fail to do so, join the professional trading network and stay in touch with the experts.

Expected returns

The expected returns from the trades depend on your trading strategy and risk factor. Before you start thinking about consistent profit, you must ensure that you are trading with a good broker. Visit this page so that you know the premium feature of a well-reputed broker. Once you become good at analyzing the market data, things will become easy and you can boost your profit to a great extent. So, how much money should you expect from your trading business? Initially, you should be focused on the safety of your capital. Once you learn to protect your capital, start dealing with the profit factor.

A good trader usually earns a 5-10% profit per month. However, the traders might have some losing months and for this reason, the elite traders always keep backup for six months. But securing a 5% gain per month is a very tough task. You have to revise your trading plan and slowly secure this number.

Asses the condition of the market

The profit potential also depends on the condition of the market. For instance, if you intend to trade during a massive pandemic where the world economy is facing a great crisis, you should not be expecting a big profit. The market movement will be unpredictable and the technical points will not be respected. In other words, the market will drive according to the news factors. However, in a stable market, you should be able to secure a decent profit without taking too much risk. But this should not force you to trade with high risk. Managing your capital and trading this market like the professionals is a very challenging task. You can’t do so unless you asses the condition of the market properly.


The successful traders are well aware of the global economy. They make smart decision and their profit factors vary. So, setting up a fixed goal in trading is not the solution. You should have adaptive expectations from this market and this can help you to win the battle. Try not to get emotional when you have to deal with a few losing orders. Be sure to check out updated reviews at as well.