Space Tourism: How to Get the Highest Value for Money when Travelling to Space


What can you do with $250,000 to $1 million? Most people will tell you about buying properties or investing in stocks, but there is one more thing, space travelling. The first space tourist, Dennis Tito, is reported to have paid $20 million, but this cost is coming down, and now you can travel at a much cheaper rate. 

With such high costs, most people keep asking, “Will I get the value for money?” The answer is “yes” because you are travelling to space, which is different from conventional travelling here on earth. This post takes a closer look at space tourism to demonstrate how you can enjoy a higher value for money.  

Select the Best Company 

The thrill you can get when travelling to space is dependent on the travel company you select. Your goal should be selecting the company that puts a lot of effort into keeping tourists safe during the trip and engaging in many activities. For example, you might not be able to spacewalk if taking a suborbital flight. So, if interested in spacewalking, a company offering orbital flights might be a better option. Some of the top space travel companies to consider include: 

  • Virgin Galactic. 
  • Orion Span. 
  • Boeing.
  • SpaceX.

Commence the Thrill Before Taking Off to Space 

The ultimate goal of space tourism is travelling to space, but you will enjoy more by commencing the thrill before taking off. You should not take the pre-flight training as a method of limiting travellers, but a part of the awesome experience for the entire excursion. For example, you will love the simulations that create zero-gravity situations and physical training. 

You can even extend the preparations to other related training activities, such as scuba diving. Well, this will be like combining space tourism with conventional tourism, and it will be very enjoyable. 

Engage in as Many Space Activities as Possible: AndreyBokarev

In business, managers such as Andrey Bokarev put every effort into optimizing profits and growing their enterprises. For Andrey Bokarev, the President at Transmashholding, everything is all about planning, and you should use the same approach to get the highest value for money when travelling to space. Consider engaging in as many activities as possible, including: 

  • Spacewalking: This involves getting out of the space vehicle and taking some steps floating in space.
  • Photography: Imagine taking photos of the earth, moon, and other stars, from hundreds of kilometers away. That is the reality of space tourism. 
  • Play some games: If you are taking orbital flights, your travel company might allow some sports, such as football. Make sure to capture the moment in pictures and share with friends back home. 

Prepare to Tell It All in a Journal, Book or Video 

The most enjoyable part of space travelling might not be when you are up there, but when explaining the experience to family and friends. So, carry a journal, make notes, and capture a lot of images because they will be part of the sweet memories years to come. You can even write a book and do a video to showcase the experience. 

When traveling to space, there are many things you can do to optimize value for money. Make sure also to identify and work with the best company for safety assurance and engaging in more activities. With the best company, you cannot go wrong.