What Does An Elder Law Lawyer Do?


Elder law is a very general term for legal issues that tend to affect an aging population. Generally, when people hear the term “Elder Law,” what comes to mind is a senior in a nursing home who needs a lawyer’s assistance qualifying for Medicaid to pay for the care. In reality, Elder Law covers many more legal issues. These types of lawyers not only represent traditional elder law clients needing Medicaid planning, but they also represent clients in estate planning and probate and trust administrations.

An Elder Law lawyer specializes in a wide range of legal matters. These may include elderly care, long term planning, retirement, social security, and the like. It can be said that these attorneys are specialists in legal matters pertaining to the elderly population. They can handle day to day matters such as care but can also handle long term matters such as estate planning and assisted living. If you live in Bradenton and think you need an elder law lawyer, consider giving this firm a call today. Not sure if you need one? Below is a list of ways that an elder law lawyer can help.

-They can discuss the importance of wills and estate planning for adults and minors and those with special needs.

-They can provide power of attorney creation services.

-They can assist in long-term health care planning such as Medicare.

-They can provide several financial services such as representation and planning.

-They can help with the selection and appointment of a legal guardian.

-They can manage assisted living costs.

-They can provide document planning, such as drafting of wills.


For example, if someone is over the age of 18 but is disabled and requires legal guardianship to help them make a proper decision, an attorney like this can help. To make legally binding decisions as a disabled person, a parent or other loved one should be appointed as a guardian advocate. With the help of an attorney, this process can be much less cumbersome and expensive than a traditional guardianship proceeding.

If you live in Bradenton and seek these legal services, visit them today!

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