Why Third-Party Logistics Make a Difference


Third-party logistics (3PL) is attractive to businesses for many reasons, but especially to help benefit their business. Some of the companies that offer third-party logistics include cold storage warehouses. Here are just a few of reasons people would want to hire another company during the supply chain process, and especially a cold storage company:

Large third-party logistics networks have enough resources to cut costs and improve efficiency. So they end up saving businesses money by offering their service, and these warehouses in turn are making a profit. It’s a win-win! Cold storage warehouses are already operating using the lights and creating the temperatures they need, so it makes sense to store products there while the atmosphere is already perfect.

Cold storage warehouses are a great third-party logistics option because they keep products safe and cold until they reach their customers. They are fairly customizable to your needs, with storage rooms ranging from negative twenty-five degrees to forty-five degrees Fahrenheit. There are also delivery options that also keep the products at the temperature they need to be at.

Using a company that offers third-party logistics services saves businesses time. It allows their customers to focus on the heart of their businesses and what really matters, while letting the company do the busy supply chain work. This means that customers are able to further improve their current operations. Once again, everyone is winning!

Another benefit of outsourcing your business’s supply chain process to a third-party logistics company is that they offer flexibility. This is crucial for the fluctuation that will come because of supply and demand and the uncertainty it can bring.

If you find the right cold storage third-party logistics company, they will have a diverse variety of delivery options to meet the needs of your product or inventory (including temperature). They will also coordinate with your final mile shipping carrier and customize it to you, whether that is by box, truckload, pallet, or case.

There are many reasons that hiring a third-party logistics company can benefit one’s company. Saving time and money are a huge selling point, as well as the guarantee that their product will arrive safely and cold into the arms of their customers. Because so much time and money can be saved when using an external service, there is the potential for more inventory to be made and sold so businesses are more profitable. Western Gateway Cold Storage is one of Utah’s leading 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) company offering comprehensive cold chain solutions including freezer storage warehousing in Salt Lake City, and refrigerated transportation services in Utah. Our cold storage warehouse facility services local, regional, and state-wide companies in a variety of industries.