8 Tips On How To Find The Best Speaker For Your Next Webinar


Finding a good speaker for your webinar takes time and planning to make sure that your virtual conference is a success. virtual webinar keynote speakers are not only responsible for sharing useful information about a certain topic, but they also have to connect with their audience and make the experience a memorable one.

Here are 8 tips on how to land the best speaker for your next webinar.

1. Check out online reviews

Once you decide on a speaker for your webinar, try going online and check if they have any previous video presentations or audio interviews. Some virtual webinar keynote speakers upload their talks on YouTube so you can see for yourself how their events usually pan out. Reading the viewer comments is also a useful way of gauging what the audience liked about the webinar.

2. Connect on social media

These days, social media is not solely used for leisure. Lots of businesses and professionals create social media accounts to promote their work. Think of it as their entry to an electronic phone book that can be accessed worldwide. Try searching for subject speakers on LinkedIn or Twitter and connect with your speaker personally through the messaging service on the apps.

3. Ask around

It does not hurt to ask someone for advice on getting a speaker for your virtual event. So many people are interconnected nowadays that chances are, your next speaker is just six degrees away from you in your own network. Plus, getting tips from your friends means you’re getting honest reviews on references that they personally know.

4. Go pro

If your friends can’t recommend a speaker in the time that you need, Speakers Corner is a website that specializes in finding the perfect virtual webinar keynote speakers. You can call or leave a message on their website and get recommendations for the ideal speaker for your virtual conference. They even book the person for you and make all the arrangements necessary.

5. Radio

Radio programs have been on air for decades and many people continue to listen to them because of guest appearances. You might want to get ideas for speakers by listening to radio programs and their booked guests for the day. This can be useful because radio guests are dealing with a live audience, which will be similar to your webinar. Sometimes, radio stations can even help you out with contact details for agents, managers, or the speakers themselves.

6. Podcasts

On the techier end of the spectrum, podcasts can be considered as new age radio. There are hundreds of podcasts that tackle different topics like science, lifestyle, fashion, environment, news, and so much more. Whatever topic you decide for your webinar, chances are you can get useful information by checking out podcasts. It’s also useful that there are so many free podcast platforms online and that even old episodes are open for listeners.

7. Past conferences

There’s no shame in viewing previous conferences for speaker ideas if you’re organizing a webinar of your own. Just because a speaker has appeared in a previous event, doesn’t mean they won’t and can’t do it again. Let us face it, a lot of people actually do this for a living! Don’t be shy and book a popular speaker if you want to.

8. Ask the government

Yes, the government. Think about it, there are different government branches and offices that deal with so many issues that affect our lives. Government offices have access to people who are experts in their fields and deal with the public on a regular basis. Give them a call and ask for tips.

If you are looking for your next virtual webinar keynote speakers, check out our experts at Speakers’ Corner. Contact us today to learn more about our services.