Bloggers Guide – Blogging Is Still Alive As Ever


In terms of blogging, people have mixed emotions. This isn’t the first time when you are hearing that blogging is dead. Is it true? Is blogging really dead? If you ask the pros, they have other points to mention. Even though this vague note came into consideration that blogging is dead, it is nowhere near it to be honest. Blogging is alive and as fresh as possible, even to this day. So, if you are ever trying to Make money online, you can easily venture out in the world of blogging and get instant help, as and when asked for. There are some steps towards it that you need to follow, and you are covered for good!

Tighten up your hold on SEO:

SEO can prove to be one complex matter but it always remains at the top. Even though it might be good for a while, it may not look the same later. That is the thing with SEO as it is pretty ever changing so you need to ensure that the techniques are properly updated to it. All you have to do for that is brush up with the world of keywords and key phrases which are in vogue these days and use them proficiently to get the proper ranking. You can further use the information right to your advantage.

Understand some effective content:

There are multiple arguments on how long any blog should be to be actually made valuable in Google. Some people state to write lengthy posts of 1500 to 2000 words, and others claim for shorter versions of 500 to 800 words. However, the main focus will be on quality and the proper infusion of keywords, to elevate the value of its content. You could check out the bloggers guide to learn more about the points in details and use the same.