Four Fruits that can be used as Essential Oils


Fruit typically gets its good reputation for being both nature’s candy and for its nutritional value. So, of course, you can’t go wrong with fruit, seeing how it’s good for you and tasty on top of it. However, did you know that certain fruits have other uses besides consumption? Believe it or not, there are four out there that can be used as an essential oil with the use of its peel. These four include:

1. Orange: Believe it or not, the fruit you usually get at halftime during youth soccer games has more uses. Using the peel of an orange to create an essential oil makes multiple uses such as:

-Alleviating pain

-Helping digestive disorders

-Reduces depression

-Cleans digestive tract

Not many people think of the peel of oranges, but as it turns out, they can be very useful for many things concerning both the body and mind.

2. Grapefruit: Not a whole lot of people eat grapefruit because it doesn’t exactly have the most desirable taste, but it is among the healthiest fruits out there. Much like oranges, their peel is used as an essential oil. Much like an orange, that essential oils provide similar uses on top of others such as:


-Helps reduce fluids

-Brings fresh aroma and cleaner

-Relieves spasms and cramps

Again, grapefruit is not among the preferred fruits to eat, but it is among the more useful fruit-based essential oils.

3. Lemon: People don’t usually eat lemons straight up because of how sour it is as citrus fruit. Instead, lemon is usually used as a flavoring for both foods and liquids. Luckily their peel also has many uses as an essential oil such as:

-Expands energy

-Powerful cleaning agent and degreaser

-Decreases appetite

-Stimulates immune function

So, besides being some pretty tasty flavoring, lemons can also be used as an essential oil that can make you more active and digest better.

4. Lime: Limes are more edible as a fruit than the likes of grapefruit and lemons. That makes it so much better as it’s also used as essential oil on top of its edibility. With its peel, a lime essential oil can provide many benefits such as:

-Inviting happy energy

-Cools and reduces fluids

-Cleans the liver

-Helps digestion and prevents gas

Lime essential oils provide many of the same benefits as other fruit-based essential oils, and even better, it also makes people more energetic and clean the liver.

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