List of Top Classic and Collector Car Auctions You Need to Know About.


There is a list of things that car enthusiasts get excited about more than the opportunity of getting a new collector car in their collection of cars. There are multiple ways to find the right vehicle, the best way to know is by getting into the auctions of collector cars. You not only get a chance to explore the amazing car in reality but also bid for them and get it home. 

This sort of auction takes place to celebrate the automotive lifestyle and not only to sell the cars from the collection. Starting from classic Rolex and moving to very rare vintage wines, the auction hosted in a high-end style do offer a chance where you can indulge in the list of finer things life has got to offer. 

And of course, there is a number of cars beautifully displayed. From Ferrari 250 GTO to a Bugatti Veyron, the auction gets a rare opportunity to have a vision of certain amazing automobiles from around the world. This event is something that should not be missed by someone who appreciates life’s finest things. 

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The best car auction in the USA:

The United States has auctions that are high end and are attended by serious collectors and huge fans of the specialized car. Every single year the high rated houses of the auction in America sell around a hundred collectible and antique automobiles. 

Here is a list of collectible cars that are popular among the car lovers:

Barrett Jackson:

The auction company of Barrett Jackson is one of the world’s best and most renowned as well as respected classic auction houses. They have set their auction all around the country, even in Asia and Euphoria. They are well known for their annual auctions in Scottsdale. The auction takes place every year in the month of January in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Gooding And Company:

This is another option that you can choose to attend a collector car auction. Gooding and company have got a wide range of high-end cars to offer in Los Angeles, California. If you are looking for a perfect classic car then this is an auction you would enjoy well. The annual auction at Pebble Beach is the most prestige event among the car collector in the world.


Bonham is a well-established auction house, and they have been holding collector car auctions for many years. This company has got worldwide locations, but Carmel, California is the primary location. This is the best option to get a wide range to select a car from, they have cars from American muscles to European Exotics. 

If you are a car lover and want to have your hands on the amazing car or want to explore this amazing collection then you should at least once attend these events.