Online Brand-Building – Make Your Business # 1


Online Brand-Building is the process to integrate the entire online buying, browsing & conversion process into one continuous communication that is relevant to the consumers. A great online Brand Building process can work wonders if and only if the brand experience that results from the consumer integration is delightful.

Importance of Internet

Last few years have shown tremendous growth in Internet users and the way social networking and business networking can be used to provide infinite business opportunities worldwide. On Dec 31, 2000 the total number of internet users was only 360,985,492 including 4,514,400 in Africa, 114,304,000 in Asia, 105,096,093 in Europe, 3,284,800 in Middle East, 108,096,800 in North America, 18,068,919 in Caribbean & Latin America and 7,628,480 in Australia.

According to the latest data of internet users, the total internet users worldwide are 1,581,571,589 which is almost thrice the number on Dec 31, 2000. The latest trends for internet users is 54,171,500 in Africa, 650,361,843 in Asia, 390,141,073 in Europe, 45,861,346 in Middle East, 246,822,986 in North America, 173,619,140 in Caribbean & Latin America and 20,593751 in Australia.

The total population of world is 6,710,029,070 which means the penetration of internet is about 24% & growth is 338% during 2000-2008.

Online Brand-Building Process

1. Online Visual Appearance
2. Social Media Optimization
3. Press Release, Article Release and Video Release
4. Brand Monitoring

Online Visual Appearance : Online Visual Appearance of any business/product/service is consisted of two main features:

A. Website Development: Developing a website for listing products & services is very important to present amongst the prospective customers. At the same time some importance must be paid to provide details of existing clients, company values and other details of the organization. The Website must be so informative that almost every visitor can be turned to a client.