Promising Trends for Maui’s Tourism Industry


The recent global economic downturn has left a host of industries all over the world scrambling to recover. During this time, one of the hardest hit areas in the United States has been Hawaii, and in particular the Island of Maui. Maui’s main industry is tourism and in 2007 it made well over 3 billion dollars from it alone, welcoming over 2 million visitors to its shores. But since the recession they’ve seen two airlines go bankrupt and their tourism numbers dwindle as people the world over began to tighten their belts. In 2008 it was reported that Maui lost around $166 million dollars in their tourism industry. But as the global economy begins to show slight signs of recovery, a few promising trends have arisen.

As the effects of the recession lessen, more people have begun to spend on vacations again. This year has seen Maui’s tourism industry recover to some degree, even as most of its neighboring islands still struggle. Maui’s hotels have seen a significant increase in occupancy, largely due to heavily discounted rates. Because of this, staying in Maui has become much more affordable than it has been in recent years.

Maui has always been one of the most expensive places to vacation to, especially considering the amount a visitor will spend daily on hotel and dining fees. Hotels are not the only hospitality areas that are offering guests discounted stays however, and more savvy travelers than ever are turning to Maui condo rentals. With rental condos you’re afforded several amenities that most hotels cannot provide, such as full living quarters and a kitchen to prepare meals. For longer stays it can often prove more financially prudent for a guest to prepare their own meals in order to help keep costs down. And in the case of some West Maui Condos, like the Lokelani Vacation Apartments, you’ll have access to a private beach. Condo rentals offer tourists a slower paced and more relaxing Maui experience. And now, because of discounted rooms, it’s the perfect time to plan an island getaway.