Questions to ask when hiring a domestic worker


At 外傭, you will be sorted with the right helper to suit your needs. When looking for domestic help, there are questions that you need to have answers to so that you make the right decision.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Are you in need of a full-time helper?

Whether it is for a pet, house keeping, eldercare, or childcare, getting a foreign live-in domestic helper is considered to be necessary, especially if you are busy.  But allowing a strange person to live with, you will need that you trust and give up on your personal space and privacy.

You will have to first educate yourself about the requirements of the department of employment in your country states. Then get a helper via a site such as the 外傭, or you can as well use word of mouth for maids transfer where you hire them from a current employer.  From social media or friends.  Or you can leave all the legal and paperwork checks to a reputable maid agency. If you are going for an agency, ensure that it is highly rated.

What are you going to pay for her?

The salary, in most instances, is imposed by the country of origin of the helper with different countries charging differently. You can check online for the salary scale of the country you would wish to get a maid from and see if it is within your budget.  

You also have to remember that, apart from the salary, there are other monthly payments that you will incur: a levy on the maid, insurance and bond, food and toiletries, and other miscellaneous expenses such as medical costs and phone bills.  It would be best if you had that picture in mind, and you will find out that the average cost of employing a foreign helper is over $1000. 

Where is she going to sleep?

The minimum standards for a helper include enough shelter that protects from elements. It should have enough ventilation, safe, and thus not have any dangerous equipment or a structure that is unsafe. It has to be modesty, which means you should not allow a male adult or teenager to sleep in the maid’s room.  

It is recommended that you have to give the helper her room, such as a full bedroom or maid’s room. 

Are you in need of a part-time helper?

If you realize that what you require is a part time helper, who can help with regular spring cleaning or general cleaning, or pet-walking, house-sitting, or occasionally for babysitting, there are various ways that you can get professional help online or through free apps from reputable companies. 

If you can adhere to the answers given to the questions, the chances are that you will get a helper who will be ideal for your specific needs. Treat them as part of the family to deliver to their maximum as they will feel appreciated and loved.