The Benefits of Project Managers for Self Build Projects


Hiring a competent self build project manager can spell the difference between a construction endeavor that’s completed cost-effectively and one that’s done poorly. To ensure that your every penny is well-spent, getting a professional to help you oversee your project is highly recommended. Here are the best benefits you will reap.

They project and allocate budget better. One of the goals of people who opt to self-build something is to save money. Efforts will only be in vain if there’s no proper budget projection and plan in the first place. Project managers are experts in this frontier — thanks to their experience and knowledge, especially about the local market.

They administer contracts skillfully. As a self-builder, you have to be extra careful when undergoing and administering contracts. If you’re not confident enough about handling such an important task, it’s a wise move to hire an experienced project manager instead.

They have access to a network of construction professionals. A great advantage of hiring a self build project manager is having access to his or her connections — from design and construction professionals to industry suppliers. A dependable project manager typically has a roster of go-to experts who are highly competent in their respective fields.

They know how to select the most suitable materials. Speaking of suppliers, a project manager is also knowledgeable when it comes to determining which materials fit your self-build project best. Having someone who understands this stuff will help you avoid procuring and using sub-par materials, which can degrade the overall quality of your finished output.

They have a knack for negotiating prices. If you really want to maximise your budget, get a project manager known for his or her great negotiation skills. The benefit of having such a pro by your side is that you can haggle for prices professionally — and in a way that can lower the price in figures you won’t have probably expected.

They can deal with the neighbours professionally. Another aspect wherein project managers can be really helpful is dealing with neighbours. He or she can serve as an objective middle-man who can professionally and amicably bring up your concerns and resolve any possible conflicts that may arise because of the project.

They can keep your project on track. As their title says, they are experts in managing projects. By managing projects — meaning, they can help you finish them on time, within budget, and in a high-quality manner.

For you to enjoy the full rewards of having a self build project manager, what’s crucial is for you to hire an experienced one. This is why you have to be thorough when looking for the most suitable for your project.

Apart from enquiring about related previous experience and researching testimonials and reviews, you have to gauge your rapport with your project manager. Take note that you will be working with him or her throughout the project, so make sure you’ll be confident to voice out your thoughts and bring up your queries to him or her.

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