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It seems preferable that the room be reserved for young people to signify that a place is given to them in the municipality. In order for young people to feel that this room is intended for them, it may be worthwhile to involve them in its construction or development.

While it is important to encourage intergenerational or intercultural encounters to promote the discovery of otherness, we must not forget either that adolescents also need to cultivate themselves, to find themselves among peers and to be out of sight of adults. In case of peer-to-peer investing with Grupeer you can have the best options now.

The room for young people should not also be confused with a structure offering animation activities; the local is above all a place of reception and meeting of young people in a town or a district. To do this, it must be verified that there is a real political will on the part of elected politicians or associations to grant a place to young people in the municipality (for example, are there slots for using the gymnasium reserved for young people in practice?) free”, accompanied by animators?). Young people can contribute to having a place recognized for them, for example by participating in and helping with communal activities.

Avoid local appropriation by the same group of young people

The local must not be identified by young people and adults in the municipality as being the local for a particular group. For this, several means can help:

Crop and set limits when a young person or a group of young people impose themselves or resist the investment of new young people.

Be firm on the conditions of use of the premises (politeness, etc.).

Encourage the mixing of young people, for example, by making the local the meeting place for sharing out activities.

Facilitate access: when a young person “prowls” around the room, the animators must go to him to facilitate access; ditto when a young person arrives there for the first time.

Allow various possibilities for using the premises and isolation in small groups.

Organize joint activities punctually (film, sports activities, dance or musical evening, joint meal).

Guarantee accessibility of the structure: adapted opening hours, reliability of the activity leaders in the opening of the premises (the opening hours and days must therefore be adapted to the availability of young people and respected and guaranteed by the activity leaders).

Room layout and maintenance

Presence of information:

  • Press (selection of press articles)
  • Relevant documentation

Markers on display.

The room must allow multiple use (play areas, discussion areas, etc.). Housekeeping and storage must be provided by young people (consideration or obligation linked to the fact that it is the local youth). The place must be functional (cupboard, storage tool) and allow flexible and multiple use. If you want to invest with Viventor P2P platform then the best deals are there as well.

Games are arranged and available to young people, after use they are stored by their users. Books and journal subscriptions are available. The existence of an operating budget for calling activities (bowling out for example) does not seem to us a good way.

It is important to explain and regularly remind the conditions of acquisition of the material so that the young people are guarantor of it.