Top Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Your IPTV Extreme Experience


IPTV Extreme is a popular streaming app that has gained immense popularity in recent years. The app offers a range of features and services that allow users to stream TV channels and watch videos on demand. But, if you are an advanced user, it’s likely that you are not utilizing the app to its full potential. So, in this article, we will provide you with an advanced user guide to help you unlock the full potential of iptv smarters pro download.

Customizing the Interface: One of the best features of IPTV Extreme is its customizable interface. An advanced user can use the app’s various features to create a customized streaming experience. You can customize channels, groups, and playlists as per your preference. You can also change the skin or color of the app interface. Moreover, the app provides a feature to change the orientation of channels according to your preferred style. To access these features, go to Settings>Interface.

Recording and Catch-up TV: Another amazing feature of IPTV Extreme is the ability to record live TV shows or schedule a recording for future shows. This feature can be particularly useful if you don’t have time to watch your favorite shows live, or if you want to re-watch them later. The app also offers a catch-up TV feature, which allows you to watch shows you missed from the past 7 days. To access these features, go to Settings>Recording.

Subtitles and Audio Track Selection: IPTV Extreme supports multiple subtitles and audio tracks, making it easy to watch foreign-language shows or movies. You can configure your preferred subtitle or audio track for each channel or playlist. To access these features, go to Settings>Subtitle and Audio track selection.

Parental Controls: IPTV Extreme offers excellent parental controls that allow you to restrict access to specific channels, groups, or playlists. This feature can be particularly useful if you want to restrict certain content from your kids or other family members. You can set a PIN code to access Parental controls, and ensure no one can access the restricted channels or groups. To access these features, go to Settings>Parental control.

External Player Support: IPTV Extreme also allows you to use external players, if you don’t like the in-built media player. This feature can allow you to have a better video-playing experience on your device. The app supports various external players like MX Player, VLC player, and more.


In conclusion, IPTV Extreme is a powerful streaming app with a range of features and services that can cater to advanced users. Whether you want to customize the app interface, record TV shows, or restrict access to certain content, the app has got you covered. We hope this advanced user guide helps you unlock the full potential of IPTV Extreme and have a seamless streaming experience.