Four Benefits of Hiring an IRS Lawyer


IRS lawyers, more commonly referred to as tax lawyers, specialize in the nitty-gritty tax laws that nobody else seems to know about. They are responsible for explaining these laws to their clients and then guiding them through audits, compromises, tax settlements, and unfiled returns. Through research, interviews, and investigations, these lawyers are equipped to help their clients save the most money while still adhering to basic tax laws. Below are four ways that YOU could benefit from hiring an IRS lawyer.

1. Communication

Let’s be honest — taxes are scary. From the spooky letters in the mail to the ridiculously large numbers, it can be intimidating to begin the process. Add tax disputes or evasions to the mix, and suddenly it becomes a twisted game of hide and seek. Tax lawyers can take a load off your back by drafting direct, respectful letters to the IRS, outlining and reporting the steps you are taking to amend past errors to avoid criminal charges. They can guide you through audits and even represent you in court, arranging your arguments to be advantageous.

2. Compromise

An Offer in Compromise permits a taxpayer to settle a debt for less than the full amount owed. Tax lawyers can help you calculate the lowest amount you are eligible to pay and for what reasons. For example, you might need a bit more time to come up with the full sum, depending on your income. You may have the full amount on hand, but to pay it would leave you with intense financial strain due to a family situation or living expenses. Tax attorneys can guarantee that you have the best chance at qualifying for an Offer in Compromise and assist you in filling out the grueling paperwork required.

3. Protection

When faced with tax disputes, audits, or even criminal charges, any statements or claims that you make can (and often will) be used against you. IRS lawyers can train you to know exactly what to say and what not to say when confronted with vague questions, preventing you from spilling self-incriminating information. While being audited, they can contend against any illicit conduct and protect your legal entitlements.

4. Planning

Tax attorneys aren’t just a last resort to be used when you’re in serious trouble — they can also prevent these sticky situations from coming along. Certain tax professionals are willing to help you prepare your tax return and file back taxes, avoiding any overlooked errors. If you’re looking to start a business, IRS lawyers can inform you about varying tax regulations in different countries, and the tax ramifications and exemptions that may apply to your particular type of business.

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